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“Arm yourselves and be Valiant Men, and see that ye rise up in readiness against the Dawn, that ye may do Battle with These that are Assembled against us. . . .

“For it is better to die in Battle than live to behold the Calamities of our own People. . . .”

“Lord, we took not the Land into Possession by our own Swords; neither was it our own Hands that helped us; but Thy Hand was a Buckler; and Thy right Arm a Shield, and the Light of Thy Countenance hath conquered forever.”

 And to the vanquished
 who won immortality

 “We are the fallen, who, with helpless faces
   Low in the dust, in stiffening ruin lay,
 Felt the hoofs beat, and heard the rattling traces
   As o’er us drove the chariots of the fray.

 “We are the fallen, who by ramparts gory,
   Awaiting death, heard the far shouts begin,
 And with our last glance glimpsed the victor’s glory
   For which we died, but dying might not win.

 “We were but men.  Always our eyes were holden,
   We could not read the dark that walled us round,
 Nor deem our futile plans with Thine enfolden—­
   We fought, not knowing God was on the ground.

 “Aye, grant our ears to bear the foolish praising
   Of men—­old voices of our lost home-land,
 Or else, the gateways of this dim world, raising,
   Give us our swords again, and hold Thy hand.”

       —­W.  H. Woods.


Among the fifty-eight regiments of Zouaves and the seven regiments of Lancers enlisted in the service of the United States between 1861 and 1865 it will be useless for the reader to look for any record of the 3d Zouaves or of the 8th Lancers.  The red breeches and red fezzes of the Zouaves clothed many a dead man on Southern battle-fields; the scarlet swallow-tailed pennon of the Lancers fluttered from many a lance-tip beyond the Potomac; the histories of these sixty-five regiments are known.  But no history of the 3d Zouaves or of the 8th Lancers has ever been written save in this narrative; and historians and veterans would seek in vain for any records of these two regiments—­regiments which might have been, but never were.


“‘It is there, in you—­all that I believed’”

“What an insolently reckless head it was!”

“‘I won it fairly, and I’m going to stake it all on one last bet’”

“‘Is Ormond your name?’”

“‘Must you go so soon?  So soon?’”

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