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Georg Bühler
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Uddeha Gana
|                                          |
kulas                                      [’s]akhas
1. Nagabhuya                              Udumbarijjiya
2.  Somabhuta                                Masapurika
3.  Ullagachchha (or Ardrakachchha?)         Matipatrika
4.  Ilatthilijja
5.  Nandijja                                 Pu[n.][n.]apattiya
6. Parihasaka


4. [Ve[’s]avadiya Ga[n.]a]
[Me]hika kula

[Footnote:  Epigraphia Indica, vol.  I, pp. 382, 388.]

The Kalpasutra:—­Kamarddhi of the Ku[n.][d.]alagotra founded the Ve[’s]ava[t.]ika ga[n.]a which was divided into four [’s]akhas, and into four kulas:—­

Ve[’s]ava[t.]ika Ga[n.]a
|                                         |
kulas                                    [’s]akhas
Ga[n.]ika                                [’S]ravastika
Maighika                               Rajjapaliya
Kamarddhika                              Antarijjiya
Indrapuraka                              Khemalijjiya

[Footnote:  For the above lists see Wiener Zeitschi.  Bd.  IV, S. 316 ff. and Kalpasutra in S.  B. E. vol.  XXII, pp. 290 f.]

The resemblance of most of these names is so complete that no explanation is necessary.


The mythology of the Jainas, whilst including many of the Hindu divinities, to which it accords very inferior positions, is altogether different in composition.  It has all the appearance of a purely constructed system.  The gods are classified and subdivided into orders, genera, and species; all are mortal, have their ages fixed, as well as their abodes, and are mostly distinguished by cognizances chihnas or la[`n]chha[n.]as.  Their Tirthakaras, Tirthamkaras, or perfected saints, are usually known as twenty-four belonging to the present age.  But the mythology takes account also of a past and a future age or renovation of the world, and to each of these aeons are assigned twenty-four Tirthakaras.  But this is not all:  in their cosmogony they lay down other continents besides Jambudvipa-Bharata or that which we dwell in.  These are separated from Jambudvipa by impassable seas, but exactly like it in every respect and are called Dhatuki-kanda and Pushkararddha; and of each of these there are eastern, and western Bharata and Airavata regions, whilst of Jambudvipa there is also a Bharata and an Airavata region:  these make the following ten regions or worlds:—­

 1.  Jambudvipa-bharata-kshetra.
 2.  Dhatuki-kha[n.][d.]a purva-bharata.
 3.  Dhatuki-kha[n.][d.]a pa[’s]chima-bharata.
 4.  Pushkararddha purva-bharata.
 5.  Pushkaravaradvipa pa[’s]chima-bharata.
 6.  Jambudvipa airavata-kshetra.
 7.  Dhatuki-kha[n.][d.]a purva-airavata.
 8.  Dhatuki-kha[n.][d.]a pa[’s]chima-airavata.
 9.  Pushkarardhadvipa purva-airavata.
10.  Puskararddha pa[’s]chima-airavata.

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