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Georg Bühler
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vol.  V, pp. 175-180; and in Epigraphia Indica, vol.  I pp. 371-397; vol.  II, pp. 195-212, 311.  The paragraphs given above are chiefly from his first paper in the Vienna Oriental Journal (vol.  I, pp. 165-180), which appears to be an extended revision of the long footnote in the original paper on the Jainas, but it is here corrected in places from readings in his later papers.—­J.  B.]

These and many other statements in the inscriptions, about the teachers and their schools are of no small importance in themselves for the early history of the Jainas.  The agreement of the above with the Kalpasutra can best be shown by placing the statements in question against one another.  The inscriptions prove the actual existence of twenty of the subdivisions mentioned in the Sthaviravali of the Kalpasutra.  Among its eight ga[n.]as we can certainly trace three, possibly four—­the Uddchika, Vara[n.]a, Ve[’s]ava[d.]iya(?) and Ko[d.]iya.


1.  Ko[t.][t.]iya (Ko[d.]iya) Gana
|                                      |
Bramadasika kula               Uchchenagari [’s]akha
Thaniya kula                   Vairi, Vairiya [’s]akha
P[a[n.]ha]vahu[[n.]aya]ku[la]  Majhama [’s]akha

The Sthaviravali of the Kalpasutra (Sac.  Bks. of the East, vol.  XXII, p. 292) states that Sus[t.]hita and Supratibuddha founded the—­

Ko[t.]iya or Kau[t.]aka Ga[n.]a
|                                                |
kulas                                           [’s]akhas
1. Bambhalijja                           1. Uchchanagari
2.  Vachchhalijja                           2. Vijjahari
3. Va[n.]iya or Va[n.]ijja             3.  Vajri
4.  Panhavahanaya                           4. Majjhimaka
or Pra[’s]navahanaka                    5.  Majjhima
(scholar of the two
founded by
Priyagantha the second)


2.  Vara[n.]a Ga[n.]a
|                              |
kulas                        [’s]akhas
Petivamika                   Vajanagari
Aryya Ha[t.]ikiya            Haritamalaka[d.]hi

The Kalpasutra states that [’S]rigupta of the Haritagotra founded the Chara[n.]a ga[n.]a, which was divided into four [’s]akhas and into seven kulas

|                             |
kulas                       [’s]akhas
1.  Vachchhalijja           Sa[.m]ka[’s]ika
2. Pidhammiya
3. Halijja               Vajjanagari
4. Pusamittijja          Gavedhuka
5.  Malijja
6. Arya-Che[d.]aya       Hariyamalagari
7. Ka[n.]hasaha


3.  Aryya-Udekiya Ga[n.]a
|                          |
kulas                        |
Nagabhatikiya         Petaputrika [’s]akha. 

The Kalpasutra says Arya-Rohana of the Ka[’s]yapa gotra founded the

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