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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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Vaisampayana continued, ’Hearing these words of Phalguna, Urvasi became deprived of her senses.  And she soon represented unto Arjuna all that had passed between her and the Gandharva, Chitrasena.  And she said, ’O best of men, I shall tell thee all that hath passed between me and Chitrasena, and why I have come hither.  On account of thy coming here, O Arjuna, Mahendra had convened a large and charming assembly, in which celestial festivities were held.  Unto that assembly came, O best of men, the Rudras and the Adityas and the Aswins and the Vasus.  And there came also numbers of great Rishis and royal sages and Siddhas and Charanas and Yakshas and great Nagas.  And, O thou of expansive eyes, the members of the assembly resplendent as fire or the sun or the moon, having taken their seats according to rank, honour, and prowess, O son of Sakra, the Gandharvas began to strike the Vinas and sing charming songs of celestial melody.  And, O perpetuator of the Kuru race, the principal Apsaras also commenced to dance.  Then, O son of Pritha, thou hadst looked on me only with a steadfast gaze.  When that assembly of the celestials broke, commanded by thy father, the gods went away to their respective places.  And the principal Apsaras also went away to their abodes, and others also, O slayer of foes, commanded by thy father and obtaining his leave.  It was then that Chitrasena sent to me by Sakra, and arriving at my abode, O thou of eyes like lotus leaves, he addressed me, saying, “O thou of the fairest complexion, I have been sent unto thee by the chief of the celestials.  Do thou something that would be agreeable to Mahendra and myself and to thyself also.  O thou of fair hips, seek thou to please Arjuna, who is brave in battle even like Sakra himself, and who is always possessed of magnanimity.”  Even these, O son of Pritha, were his words.  Thus, O sinless one, commanded by him and thy father also, I come to thee in order to wait upon thee, O slayer of foes.  My heart hath been attracted by thy virtues, and am already under the influence of the god of love.  And, O hero, even this is my wish, and I have cherished it for ever!’”

Vaisampayana continued, “While in heaven, hearing her speak in this strain, Arjuna was overcome with bashfulness.  And shutting his ears with his hands, he said, ’O blessed lady, fie on my sense of hearing, when thou speakest thus to me.  For, O thou of beautiful face, thou art certainly equal in my estimation unto the wife of a superior.  Even as Kunti of high fortune or Sachi the queen of Indra, art thou to me, O auspicious one, of this there is no doubt!  That I had gazed particularly at thee, O blessed one, is true.  There was a reason for it.  I shall truly tell it to thee, O thou of luminous smiles!  In the assembly I gazed at thee with eyes expanded in delight, thinking, Even this blooming lady is the mother of the Kaurava race. O blessed Apsara, it behoveth thee not to entertain other feelings towards me, for thou art superior to my superiors, being the parent of my race.’

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