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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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Vaisampayana continued, “O Janamejaya, the son of Pritha then received from Yama that weapon duly, along with the Mantras and rite, and the mysteries of hurling and withdrawing it.  Then Varuna, the lord of all aquatic creatures, blue as the clouds, from a summit he had occupied on the west, uttered these words, ’O son of Pritha, thou art the foremost of Kshatriyas, and engaged in Kshatriya practices.  O thou of large coppery eyes, behold me!  I am Varuna, the lord of waters.  Hurled by me, my nooses are incapable of being resisted.  O son of Kunti, accept of me these Varuna weapons along with the mysteries of hurling and withdrawing them.  With these, O hero, in the battle that ensued of your on account of Taraka (the wife of Vrihaspati), thousands of mighty Daityas were seized and tied.  Accept them of me.  Even if Yama himself by thy foe, with these in thy hands, he will not be able to escape from thee.  When thou wilt armed with these, range over the field of battle, the land, beyond doubt, will be destitute of Kshatriyas.’”

Vaisampayana continued, “After both Varuna and Yama had given away their celestial weapons, the lord of treasures having his home on the heights of Kailasa, then spake, ’O son of Pandu, O thou of great might and wisdom, I too have been pleased with thee.  And this meeting with thee giveth me as much pleasure as a meeting with Krishna.  O wielder of the bow with the left hand, O thou of mighty arms, thou wert a god before, eternal (as other gods).  In ancient Kalpas, thou hadst every day gone through ascetic austerities along with us.  O best of men, I grant thee celestial vision.  O thou of mighty arms, thou wilt defeat even invincible Daityas and Danavas.  Accept of me also without loss of time, an excellent weapon.  With this thou wilt be able to consume the ranks of Dhritarashtra.  Take then this favourite weapon of mine called Antarddhana.  Endued with energy and prowess and splendour, it is capable of sending the foe to sleep.  When the illustrious Sankara slew Tripura, even this was the weapon which he shot and by which many mighty Asuras were consumed.  O thou of invincible prowess I take it up for giving it to thee.  Endued with the dignity of the Meru, thou art competent to hold this weapon.’

“After these words had been spoken, the Kuru prince Arjuna endued with great strength, duly received from Kuvera that celestial weapon.  Then the chief of the celestials addressing Pritha’s son of ceaseless deeds in sweet words, said, in a voice deep as that the clouds or the kettle-drum, ’O thou mighty-armed son of Kunti, thou art an ancient god.  Thou hast already achieved the highest success, and acquired the stature of a god.  But, O represser of foes, thou hast yet to accomplish the purposes of the gods.  Thou must ascend to heaven.  Therefore prepare thou O hero of great splendour!  My own car with Matali as charioteer, will soon descend on the earth.  Taking thee, O Kaurava, to heaven, I will grant thee there all my celestial weapons.’

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