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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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and accompanied by numerous Yakshas.  And the lord of treasures, possessed of great beauty, came there to see Arjuna, illuminating the firmament with his effulgence.  And there came also Yama himself, of great beauty, the powerful destroyer of all the worlds, accompanied by those lords of the creation—­the Pitris—­both embodied and disembodied.  And the god of justice, of inconceivable soul, the son of Surya, the destroyer of all creatures, with the mace in hand, came there on his car, illuminating the three worlds with regions of the Guhyakas, the Gandharvas and the Nagas, like a second Surya as he riseth at the end of the Yuga.  Having arrived there, they beheld, from the effulgent and variegated summits of the great mountain, Arjuna engaged in ascetic austerities.  And there came in a moment the illustrious Sakra also, accompanied by his queen, seated on the back of (the celestial elephant) Airavata, and surrounded also by all the deities.  And in consequence of the white umbrella being held over his head, he looked like the moon amid fleecy clouds.  And eulogised by Gandharvas, and Rishis endued with wealth of asceticism, the chief of the celestials alighted on a particular summit of the mountain, like a second sun.  Then Yama possessed of great intelligence, and fully conversant with virtue, who had occupied a summit on the south, in a voice deep as that of the clouds, said these auspicious words, ’Arjuna, behold us, the protectors of the worlds, arrive here!  We will grant thee (spiritual) vision, for thou deservest to behold us.  Thou wert in thy former life a Rishi of immeasurable soul, known as Nara of great might.  At the command, O child, of Brahma, thou hast been born among men!  O sinless one, by thee shall be vanquished in battle the highly virtuous grandsire of the Kurus—­Bhishma of great energy—­who is born of the Vasus.  Thou shalt also defeat all the Kshatriyas of fiery energy commanded by the son of Bharadwaja in battle.  Thou shalt also defeat those Danavas of fierce prowess that have been born amongst men, and those Danavas also that are called Nivatakavachas.  And, O son of the Kuru race, O Dhananjaya, thou shalt also slay Karna of fierce prowess, who is even a portion of my father Surya, of energy celebrated throughout the worlds.  And, O son of Kunti, smiter of all foes, thou shalt also slay all the portions of celestials and Danavas and the Rakshasas that have been incarnate on earth.  And slain by thee, these shall attain to the regions earned by them according to their acts.  And, O Phalguna, the fame of thy achievements will last for ever in the world:  thou hast gratified Mahadeva himself in conflict.  Thou shalt, with Vishnu himself, lighten the burden of the earth.  O accept this weapon of mine—­the mace I wield incapable of being baffled by any body.  With this weapon thou wilt achieve great deeds.’”

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