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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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kinds of the forces so persevering in battle, I set out.  And leaving many countries, and mountains, crowned with trees, and pieces of water, and streams, I at last arrived at the country of Matrikavarta.  It is there, O thou tiger among men, that I heard that Salwa was coursing on his car of precious metals near the ocean, and I followed in his pursuit.  And, O thou slayer of thy foes, having reached the main, Salwa on his car of costly metals was in the midst of the deep heaving with billows!  And on seeing me from a distance, O Yudhishthira, that one of wicked soul himself challenged me repeatedly to the fight.  And many arrows capable of piercing to the quick, discharged from my bow reached not his car.  And at this I was wroth!  And, O king, that essentially sinful wretch of a Daitya’s son of irrepressible energy, on his part began to shoot thousand upon thousands of arrows in torrents!  And, O Bharata, he rained shafts upon my soldiers and upon my charioteer and upon my steeds!  But without thinking of the shafts, we continued the conflict.  Then the warriors following Salwa poured on me straight arrows by thousands.  And the Asuras covered my horses and my car and Daruka with arrows capable of piercing the very vitals.  And, O hero, I could not at that time see either my horses, or my car, or my charioteer Daruka!  And I with my army was covered with weapons.  And, O son of Kunti, superhumanly skilled in weapons, I also let fly from my bow arrows by tens of thousands, inspiring them with mantras!  But as that car of costly metals was in the sky, full two miles off, it could not, O Bharata, be seen by my troops.  They could therefore only remaining on the field of battle look on like spectators in a place of amusement, cheering me on by shouts loud as the roar of the lion, and also by the sound of their clapping.  And the tinted arrows shot by the fore-part of hand penetrated into the bodies of the Danavas like biting insects.  And then arose cries in the car of precious metals from those that were dying of wounds by those sharp arrows and falling into the waters of the mighty ocean.  And the Danavas deprived of their arms, necks, and wearing the form of Kavandhas,—­fell, sending up tremendous roars.  And as they fell they were devoured by animals living in the waters of the ocean.  And then I powerfully blew the Panchajanya obtained from the waters and graceful as the lotus-stalk and white as milk or the Kunda flower or the moon or silver.  And seeing his soldiers fall, Salwa the possessor of the car of precious metals, began to fight with the help of illusion.  And then he began to ceaselessly hurl at me maces, and ploughshares, and winged darts and lances, and javelins, and battle-axes, and swords and arrows blazing like javelins and thunderbolts, and nooses, and broad swords, and bullets from barrels, and shafts, and axes, and rockets.  And permitting them to come towards me, I soon destroyed them all by counter-illusion.  And on this illusion being
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