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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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and having gigantic boughs; and wide-spreading; and of incomparable lustre; and bearing full-grown, tasteful, and holy fruits dropping honey.  And this celestial tree was frequented by hosts of mighty sages, and was always inhabited by various birds maddened with animal spirits.  And it grew at a spot devoid of mosquitoes and gad-flies, and abounding in fruits and roots and water, and covered with green grass, and inhabited by the celestials and the Gandharvas, and of smooth surface, and naturally healthful, and beauteous and cool and of delicate feel.  Having reached that (tree) together with those bulls among Brahmanas, the high-souled ones gently alighted from the shoulders of the Rakshasas.  Then in company with those bulls among the twice-born ones, the Pandavas beheld that romantic asylum presided over by Nara and Narayana; devoid of gloom; and sacred; and untouched by the solar rays; and free from those rubs, viz. hunger, and thirst, heat and cold, and removing (all) sorrow; and crowded with hosts of mighty sages; and adorned with the grace proceeding from the Vedas, Saman, Rich, and Yajus; and, O king, inaccessible to men who have renounced religion; and beautified with offerings, and homas; and sacred; and well-swept and daubed; and shining all around with offerings of celestial blossoms; and spread over with altars of sacrificial fire, and sacred ladles and pots; and graced with large water-jars, and baskets and the refuge of all beings; and echoing with the chanting of the Vedas; and heavenly:  and worthy of being inhabited; and removing fatigue; and attended with splendour and of incomprehensible merit; and majestic with divine qualities.  And the hermitage was inhabited by hosts of great sages, subsisting on fruits and roots; and having their senses under perfect control; and clad in black deer-skins; and effulgent like unto the Sun and Agni; and of souls magnified by asceticism and intent on emancipation; and leading the Vanaprastha mode of life; and of subdued senses; and identified with the Supreme Soul; and of high fortune; and reciting Vaidic hymns.  Then having purified himself and restrained his senses, that son of Dharma, the intelligent Yudhishthira of exceeding energy, accompanied by his brothers, approached those sages.  And all the great sages endued with supernatural knowledge, knowing Yudhishthira arrived, received him joyfully.  And those sages engaged in the recitation of the Vedas, and like unto fire itself, after having conferred blessings on Yudhishthira, cheerfully accorded him fitting reception.  And they gave him clean water and flowers and roots.  And Yudhishthira the just received with regard the things gladly offered for his reception by the great sages.  And then, O sinless one, Pandu’s son together with Krishna and his brothers, and thousands of Brahmanas versed in the Vedas and the Vendangas, entered into that holy hermitage, like unto the abode of Sukra and pleasing the mind with heavenly odours and resembling heaven
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