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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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“Lomasa said, ’O Yudhishthira, listen to all at length as I relate the story, which thou hast asked me (to narrate).  O child, in days of yore, there was (once) a terrible time in the Krita Yuga when the eternal and primeval Diety assumed the duties of Yama.  And, O thou that never fallest off, when the God of gods began to perform the functions of Yama, there died not a creature while the births were as usual.  Then there began to multiply birds and beasts and kine, and sheep, and deer and all kinds of carnivorous animals.  O tiger among men and vanquisher of foes, then the human race also increased by thousands even like unto a current of water.  And, O my son, when the increase of population had been so frightful, the Earth oppressed with the excessive burden, sank down for a hundred yojanas.  And suffering pain in all her limbs, and being deprived of her senses by excessive pressure, the earth in distress sought the protection of Narayana, the foremost of the gods.  The earth spake saying, “It is by thy favour, O possessor of the six attributes, that I had been able to remain so long in my position.  But I have been overcome with burden and now I cannot hold myself any longer.  It behoveth thee, O adorable one, to relieve this load of mine.  I have sought thy protection.  O lord; and do thou, therefore, extend unto me thy favour.”  Hearing these words of hers, the eternal lord, possessor of the six attributes, complaisantly said, in words uttered in distinct letters, Vishnu said, “Thou need not fear, O afflicted Earth, the bearer of all treasures.  I shall act so that thou mayst be made light."’

“Lomasa said, ’Having thus dismissed the Earth, who hath the mountains for her ear-rings, he suddenly became turned into a boar with one tusk, and of exceeding effulgence.  Causing terror with his glowing red eyes and emitting fumes from his blazing lustre, he began to swell in magnitude in that region.  O hero, then holding the earth with his single radiant tusk that being who pervadeth the Vedas, raised her up a hundred yojanas.  And while she was being thus raised, there ensued a mighty agitation and all the celestials, together with the sages of ascetic wealth became agitated.  And heaven, and the firmament, and also the Earth were filled with exclamations of Oh! and Alas! and neither the celestials nor men could rest in peace.  Then countless celestials together with the sages went to Brahma, who was seated burning as it were in his (own) lustre.  Then approaching Brahma, the lord of celestials, and the witness of the acts of all beings, they with folded hands spake the following words, “O lord of the celestials, all created beings have become agitated and the mobile and immobile creatures are restless.  O lord of the celestials, even the oceans are found to be agitated and this whole earth hath gone down a hundred yojanas.  What is the matter?  And by whose influence is it that the whole universe is in ferment?  May

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