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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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“Bhima replied, ’O descendant of Bharata, although this blessed princess hath been sore afflicted by toil and distress, yet she easily proceedeth, in the hope of beholding him of the white steeds (Arjuna).  Thy dejection also is already very great at not seeing the high-souled Arjuna, who never retreateth from fight.  O Bharata, it is superfluous then to say that if thou seest neither myself nor Sahadeva nor Krishna, thy dejection will certainly increase.  The Brahmanas had better return with our servants, charioteers, cooks and whomsoever else thou mayst command.  I never shall leave thee in these rugged and inaccessible mountainous regions, infested by Rakshasas.  And, O tiger among men, also this princess of high fortune, ever devoted to her lords, desireth not to return without thee.  Sahadeva is always devoted to thee; he too will never retrace his steps.  His disposition is known to me.  O king, O mighty monarch, we are all eager to behold Savyasachin, and therefore, will we all go together.  If we are unable to go over this mountain in our cars, abounding as it doth in defiles, well, we would go on foot.  Trouble thyself not, O king, I shall carry Panchala’s daughter wherever she will be incapable of walking.  O king, I have decided upon this.  Therefore let not thy mind be distracted.  I shall also carry over inaccessible tracts those tender-bodied heroes, the twins, the delight of their mother, wherever they will be incapable of proceeding.’

“Yudhishthira said, ’May thy strength increase, O Bhima, as thou speakest thus, and as thou boldly undertakest to carry the illustrious Panchali and these twins.  Blessed be thou!  Such courage dwelleth not in any other individual.  May thy strength, fame, merit, and reputation increase!  O long-armed one, as thou offerest to carry Krishna and our brothers the twins, exhaustion and defeat never be thine!’”

Vaisampayana said, “Then the charming Krishna said with a smile, ’O descendant of Bharata, I shall be able to go, and, therefore, be thou not anxious on my account.’

“Lomasa said, ’Access to the mountain, Gandhamadana, is only to be obtained by dint of asceticism.  Therefore, O son of Kunti, shall we all practise austerities, O king, Nakula, Sahadeva, Bhimasena, thou and myself shall then see him of the white steeds, O Kunti’s son.’”

Vaisampayana said, “O king, thus conversing together, they saw with delight the extensive domains of Suvahu, situated on the Himalayas abounding in horses and elephants, densely inhabited by the Kiratas and the Tanganas, crowded by hundreds of Pulindas, frequented by the celestials, and rife with wonders.  King Suvahu, the lord of the Pulindas, cheerfully received them at the frontiers of his dominions, paying them proper respect.  Having been thus received with honour, and having dwelt comfortably at this place, they started for the mountain Himalaya, when the sun shone brightly in the firmament.  And, O king, having entrusted to the care of the lord of the Pulindas, all their servants—­Indrasena and the others,—­and the cooks and the stewards, and Draupadi’s accoutrements, and every thing else, those mighty charioteers, the son of the Kurus, endued with great prowess, set out from that country, and began to proceed cautiously with Krishna,—­all of them cheerful in the expectation of beholding Arjuna.

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