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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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mountains have been rendered inaccessible.  Therefore, O son of Pritha, do thou concentrate thy thoughts.  Besides these, O son of Kunti, here are fierce ministers of Kuvera and his Rakshasa kindred.  We shall have to meet them, and, therefore, O Kunti’s son, gather up thy energies.  O king the mountain Kailasa is six yojanas in height.  It contains a gigantic jujube tree.  And, O son of Kunti, numberless gods and Yakshas and Rakshasas and Kinnaras and Nagas and Suparnas and Gandharvas pass this way, in going towards Kuvera’s palace.  O king, protected by me, as well as by the might of Bhimasena, and also in virtue of thy own asceticism and self-command, do thou to-day mix with them.  May king Varuna and Yama, conqueror of battles, and Ganga, and Yamuna, and this mountain, and the Maruts and the twin Aswins, and all rivers and lakes, vouchsafe thy safety.  And, O effulgent one, mayst thou have safety from all the celestials and the Asuras, and the Vasus.  O Goddess Ganga, I hear thy roar from this golden mountain, sacred to Indra.  O Goddess of high fortune, in these mountainous regions, protect the king, worshipped by all of the Ajamidha race.  O daughter of the mountain (Himalaya), this king is about to enter into these mountainous regions.  Do thou, therefore, confer protection upon him.’

“Having thus addressed the river, Lomasa bade Yudhishthira, saying, ’Be thou careful.’

“Yudhishthira said, ’This confusion of Lomasa is unprecedented.  Therefore, protect ye Krishna, and be not careless.  Lomasa knows this place to be certainly difficult of access.  Therefore, do ye practise here the utmost cleanliness.’”

Vaisampayana said, “He next addressed his brother Bhima of vast prowess, saying, ’O Bhimasena, do thou protect Krishna carefully.  Whether Arjuna be near or away, Krishna in times of danger ever seeketh protection from thee alone.’

“Then the high-souled monarch approached the twins, Nakula and Sahadeva, and after smelling their heads, and rubbing their persons, with tears said unto them, ‘Do not fear.  Proceed, however, with caution.’”


“Yudhishthira said, ’O Vrikodara, there are mighty and powerful invisible spirits at this place.  We shall, however, pass it, through the merit of our asceticism and Agnihotra sacrifices.  O son of Kunti, do thou therefore, restrain thy hunger and thirst by collecting thy energies, and also, O Vrikodara have recourse to thy strength and cleverness.  O Kunti’s son, thou hast heard what the sage (Lomasa) had said regarding mount Kailasa.  Ascertain, therefore, after deliberation, how Krishna will pass the spot.  Or, O mighty Bhima of large eyes, do return from hence, taking with thee Sahadeva, and all our charioteers, cooks, servants, cars, horses, and Brahmanas worn out with travel, while I together with Nakula and the sage Lomasa of severe austerities proceed, subsisting on the lightest fare and observing vows.  Do thou in expectation of my return, cautiously wait at the source of the Ganga, protecting Draupadi till I come back.’

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