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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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Sukanya said, “Roving in the forest, I lighted in the ant-hill here upon some brilliant substance.  Thereupon taking it for a glow-worm I neared it, and pierced it (with thorns).”  Hearing this Saryati immediately came to the ant-hill, and there saw Bhrigu’s son, old both in years and austerities.  Then the lord of earth with joined hands, besought (the ascetic) saying, “It behoveth thee to forgive what my daughter through ignorance and greenness, hath done unto thee.”  Chyavana the son of Bhrigu, addressed the monarch saying, “Disregarding me, this one, filled with pride hath pierced my eyes.  Even her, O king, endued with beauty and who was bereft of her senses by ignorance and temptation—­even thy daughter would I have for my bride, I tell thee truly, on this condition alone will I forgive thee."’

“Lomasa said, ’Hearing the words of the sage, Saryati, without pausing, bestowed his daughter on the high-souled Chyavana.  Having received the hand of that girl, the holy one was pleased with the king.  And having won the Rishi’s grace, the king went to his city, accompanied by his troops.  And the faultless Sukanya also having obtained that ascetic for her husband, began to tend him, practising penances, and observing the ordinance.  And that one of a graceful countenance, and void of guile worshipped Chyavana, and also ministered unto guests, and the sacred fire.’”


“Lomasa said, ’Once on a time, O king, those celestials, namely the twin Aswins, happened to behold Sukanya, when she had (just) bathed, and when her person was bare.  And seeing that one of excellent limbs, and like unto the daughter of the lord of celestials, the nose-born Aswins neared her, and addressed her, saying, “O thou of shapely thighs, whose daughter art thou?  And what doest thou in this wood?  O auspicious one, O thou of excellent grace, we desire to know this, do thou therefore tell us.”  Thereupon she replied bashfully unto those foremost of celestials, “Know me as Saryati’s daughter, and Chyavana’s wife.”  Thereat the Aswins again spake unto her, smiling.  “What for, O fortunate one, hath thy father bestowed thee on a person who is verging on death?  Surely, O timid girl, thou shinest in this wood like lightning.  Not in the regions of the celestials themselves, O girl, have our eyes lighted on thy like.  O damsel, unadorned and without gay robes as thou art, thou beautifiest this wood exceedingly.  Still, O thou of faultless limbs, thou canst not look so beautiful, when (as at present) thou art soiled with mud and dirt, as thou couldst, if decked with every ornament and wearing gorgeous apparel.  Why, O excellent girl in such plight servest thou a decrepit old husband, and one that hath become incapable of realising pleasure and also of maintaining thee, O thou of luminous smiles?  O divinely beautiful damsel, do thou, forsaking Chyavana accept one of us for husband.  It behoveth thee not to spend thy youth fruitlessly.”

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