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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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routed by him when only a boy.  By him was killed in fight Asvachakra, whose thighs were round, and whose muscular arms were of exceeding length.  Who is there that would be able to go forward to the car of Samva, who is great in fight, when mounted on a car?  As a mortal coming under the clutches of death can never escape; so who is there that once coming under his clutches in the field of battle, is able to return with his life?  The son of Vasudeva will burn down by the volleys of his fiery shafts all the hostile troops, and those two warriors, Bhishma and Drona,—­who are great on a car, and Somadatta surrounded by all his sons.  What is there in all the world including the gods, which Krishna cannot encounter on an equal footing, when he takes up the weapons of war, wields in his hands excellent arrows, arms himself with his dice, and thus becomes unrivalled in fight?  Then let Aniruddha also take up in his hand his buckler and sword, and let him cover the surface of the earth with Dhritarashtra’s sons, their heads separated from their trunks, their bodies devoid of all consciousness as in a sacrificial rite the altar is overspread with sacred grass placed upon the same.  And Gada and Uluka, and Vahuka and Bhanu and Nitha and the young Nishatha valiant in battle and Sarana, and Charudeshna, irresistible in war, let them perform feats befitting their race.  Let the united army of the Satwatas and Suras, together with the best soldiers of the Vrishnis, the Bhojas, and the Andhakas, kill those sons of Dhritarashtra in the field of battle and let them swell their expanded fame throughout the world.  Then let Abhimanyu rule the world so long as this most excellent of virtuous men, the magnanimous Yudhishthira, may be engaged in fulfilling his vow,—­the vow that was accepted and declared by him, the most righteous of Kuru’s race, on the occasion of the famous play at dice.  Afterwards the virtuous king will protect the earth, all his foes defeated in battle by shafts which will be discharged by us.  Then there will remain no sons of Dhritarashtra on earth,—­nor the son of the charioteer (Karna).  This is the most important work for us to do, and this will surely lead to fame.’

“Krishna said, ’O scion of the race of Madhu! no doubt what thou sayest is true; we accept thy words, O thou of courage that is never weak!  But this bull of the Kuru race (Yudhishthira) would never accept the sovereignty of the earth, unless it were won by the prowess of his own arms.  Neither for the sake of pleasure, nor from fear, nor from covetousness, would Yudhishthira ever renounce the rules of the caste; nor would these two heroes, who are mighty, when mounted on a car—­Bhima and Arjuna; nor the twin brothers, nor Krishna, the daughter of Drupada.  He possessing the appetite of a wolf (Bhima), and the winner of riches (Arjuna), are both unrivalled in fight throughout the world.  And why should not this king rule over the entire world when he hath the two sons of Madri to espouse his cause?  The high-souled ruler of Panchala together with the Kekaya king, and we also should put forth our united strength, and then would the enemies of Yudhishthira be annihilated.’

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