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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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however, betook himself to a forest-life.  And while he was dwelling in the midst of the wood, there was born to him a daughter beautiful as a nymph of heaven.  And Richika, the son of Bhrigu, asked for her to be united with himself in marriage.  And then Gadhi spake to that Brahmana, who led a rigidly austere life, saying, “There is a certain family custom in our race; it hath been founded by my ancestors of a bygone age.  And, O most excellent of the sacerdotal caste, be it known to thee that the intending bridegroom must offer a dowry consisting of a thousand fleet steeds, whose colour must be brown and every one of whom must possess a single sable car.  But, O Bhrigu’s son, a reverend saint like thee cannot be asked to offer the same.  Nor can my daughter be refused to a magnanimous saint of thy (exalted) rank.”  Thereupon Richika said, “I will give thee a thousand fleet steeds, brown in hue and possessing a single sable car; let thy daughter be given in marriage to me."’

“Akritavrana said, ’Thus having given his word, O king, he went and said to Varuna, “Give me a thousand fleet steeds brown in colour, and each with one black ear.  I want the same as dowry for my marriage.”  To him Varuna forthwith gave a thousand steeds.  Those steeds had issued out of the river Ganga; hence the spot hath been named, The horse’s landing place.  And in the city of Kanyakuvja, the daughter of Gadhi, Satyavati by name, was given in marriage; and the gods themselves were of the party of the bride.  Richika, the most excellent of the sacerdotal caste, thus procured a thousand steeds, and had a sight of the dwellers of heaven and won a wife in the proper form.  And he enjoyed himself with the girl of slender waist, and thus gratified all the wishes and desire that he ever had.  And when the marriage had been celebrated, O king, his father Bhrigu came on a visit to see him and his wife; and he was glad to see his praiseworthy son.  And the husband and wife together paid their best respects to him, who was worshipped by all the gods.  And when he had seated himself, they both with joined palms, stood near him, in order that they might do his bidding.  And then the revered saint, Bhrigu, glad at heart, thus spoke to his daughter-in-law, saying, “O lovely daughter, as for a boon I am ready to grant thee any object of thy wish.”  And there upon she asked for his favour in this, that a son might be born to both herself and her mother.  And he vouchsafed the favour thus asked for.

“’Bhrigu said, “During the days that your season lasts, thou and thy mother must take a bath, with the ceremony for bringing forth a male child.  And ye two must then separately embrace two different trees—­she a peepal tree, and thou a fig tree.  And, O dutiful girl, here are two pots of rice and milk, prepared by me with the utmost care.  I having ransacked the whole universe to find the drugs, the essence whereof hath been blended with this milk and rice.  It must

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