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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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among the virtuous, and obtained once more the eternal regions of the righteous.  Here also are the well-known lake called Punya, the mountain called Mainaka, and that other mountain called Asita abounding in fruits and roots.  And here also is the sacred asylum of Kakshasena, and O Yudhishthira, the asylum of Chyavana also, which is famed over every country, O son of Pandu!  In that spot, O exalted one, men attain to (ascetic) success without severe austerities.  Here also, O mighty king, is the region called Jamvumarga, inhabited by birds and deer, and which constitutes the retreat of ascetics with souls under control, O thou foremost of those that have subdued their senses!  Next lie the exceedingly sacred Ketumala, and Medhya ever graced with ascetics, and, O lord of earth, Gangadwara, and the well-known woods of Saindhava which are sacred and inhabited by the regenerate ones.  There also is the celebrated tank of the Grandsire, called Pushkara, the favourite abode of the Vaikanasas, and Siddhas and Rishis.  Moved by the desire of obtaining its protection, the Creator sang this verse at Pushkara, O chief of the Kurus and foremost of virtuous men!  If a person of pure soul purposes a pilgrimage to the Pushkaras in imagination even, he becometh purged from all his sins and rejoiceth in heaven!’”


“Dhaumya continued, ’O tiger among kings, I shall now describe those tirthas and sacred spots that lie to the north.  Do thou, O exalted one, listen to me attentively.  By hearing this narration, O hero, one acquireth a reverential frame of mind, which conduceth to much good.  In that region is the highly sacred Saraswati abounding in tirthas and with banks easy of descent.  There also, O son of Pandu, is the ocean-going and impetuous Yamuna, and the tirtha called Plakshavatarana, productive of high merit and prosperity.  It was there that the regenerate ones having performed the Saraswata sacrifice, bathed on the completion thereof.  O sinless one, is the well-known celestial tirtha called Agnisiras, which is productive of great merit.  There king Sahadeva had celebrated a sacrifice measuring out the ground by a throw of the Samya.  It is for this reason, O Yudhishthira, that Indra sang the praises of Sahadeva in verse.  Those verses are still current in this world, being recited by the regenerate ones, e.g., on the Yamuna Sahadeva worshipped the sacrificial fire, with gifts in a hundred thousands to Brahmanas.  There the illustrious king, the imperial Bharata, performed five and thirty horse-sacrifices.  O child, we have heard that Sarabhanga of yore used to fully gratify the desires of the regenerate ones.  There in this region is his celebrated asylum productive of great merit.  In that region also, O son of Pritha, is the river Saraswati, which is ever worshipped by the god, where, in days of yore, the Valikhilyas,

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