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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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“’I shall now, O lord of men, describe the sacred spots, and asylums, and rivers and lakes belonging to the Surashtra country!  O Yudhishthira, the Brahmanas say that on the sea-coast is the Chamasodbheda, and also Prabhasa, that tirtha which is much regarded by the gods.  There also is the tirtha called Pindaraka, frequented by ascetics and capable of producing great merit.  In that region is a mighty hill named Ujjayanta which conduceth to speedy success.  Regarding it the celestial Rishi Narada of great intelligence hath recited an ancient sloka.  Do thou listen to it, O Yudhishthira!  By performing austerities on the sacred hill of Ujjayanta in Surashtra, that abounds in birds and animals, a person becometh regarded in heaven.  There also is Dwaravati, producing great merit, where dwelleth the slayer of Madhu, who is the Ancient one in embodied form, and eternal virtue.  Brahmanas versed in the Vedas, and persons acquainted with the philosophy of the soul say that the illustrious Krishna is eternal Virtue.  Govinda is said to be the purest of all pure things, the righteous of the righteous and the auspicious of the auspicious.  In all the three worlds, He of eyes like lotus-leaves is the God of gods, and is eternal.  He is the pure soul and the active principle of life, is the Supreme Brahma and is the lord of all.  That slayer of Madhu, Hari of inconceivable soul, dwelleth there!’”


“Dhaumya continued, ’I shall describe to thee those sacred spots capable of producing merit that lie on the west.  In the country of the Anarttas, O Bharata, there flows in a westward course the sacred river Narmada, graced by Priyangu and mango trees, and engarlanded with thickest of canes.  All the tirthas and sacred spots, and rivers and woods and foremost of mountains that are in the three worlds, all the gods with the Grandsire, along with the Siddhas, the Rishis and the Charanas, O best of the Kurus, always come, O Bharata, to bathe in the sacred waters of the Narmada.  And it hath been heard by us that the sacred asylum of the Muni Visravas, had stood there, and that there was born the lord of treasures, Kuvera, having men for his vehicles.  There also is that foremost of hills, the sacred and auspicious Vaidurya peak abounding with trees that are green and which are always graced with fruit and flowers.  O lord of the earth, on the top of that mountain is a sacred tank decked with full-blown lotus and resorted to by the gods and the Gandharvas.  Many are the wonders, O mighty monarch, that may be seen on that sacred mountain which is like unto heaven itself and which is visited by celestial Rishis.  There, O subjugator of hostile cities, is the sacred river called Viswamitra belonging to the royal sage of that name and which abounds, O king, in many sacred tirthas.  It was on the banks of this river, that Yayati, the son of Nahusha, (fell from heaven)

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