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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 454 pages of information about Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa Bk. 3 Pt. 1.
of the Vajapeya sacrifice.  Proceeding next to Devakuta that is resorted to by celestial Rishis, one acquireth the merit of the horse-sacrifice, and also delivereth his race.  Then should one, O king, go to the lake of the Muni Kausika, where Kusika’s son, Viswamitra, obtained high success.  Bathing there, a person acquireth the merit of the Vajapeya sacrifice.  There, O hero, at Kausika, should one reside for a month, O bull of the Bharata race!  By a month’s residence there, one reapeth the merit of the horse-sacrifice.  He that resideth at the best of tirthas called Maha-hrada, enjoys immunity from misfortune, and also obtains the merit of giving away gold in abundance.  Beholding next Kartikeya who dwelleth at Virasrama, a man certainly reapeth the fruit of the horse-sacrifice.  Proceeding then to Agnidhara celebrated over the three worlds, and beholding there after a bath the eternal and boon-giving Vishnu, that god of gods, one obtaineth the merit of the Agnishtoma sacrifice.  Proceeding next to the Grandsire’s tank near the snowcapped of mountains, and bathing in it, a man obtains the merit of the Agnishtoma sacrifice.  Falling from the Grandsire’s tank, is that world-sanctifying (stream), celebrated over the three worlds, called Kumara-Dhara.  Bathing there, one regardeth himself as having all his purposes fulfilled.  Fasting in that tirtha for three days, one is even cleansed from the sin of slaying a Brahmana.  The pilgrim should next, O virtuous one, proceed to the peak of the great goddess Gauri, famed over the three worlds.  Ascending it, O best of men, one should approach Stana-Kunda.  By touching the waters of Stana-Kunda, a person obtaineth the merit of the Vajapeya sacrifice.  Bathing in that tirtha and worshipping the gods and Pitris, one acquireth the merit of the horse-sacrifice and also ascendeth to the region of Indra.  Arriving next at the well of Tamraruna, that is frequented by the gods, one acquireth, O lord of men, the merit that attaches to human sacrifice.  Bathing next at the confluence of the Kirtika with the Kausiki and the Aruna, and fasting there for three nights a man of learning is cleansed of all his sins.  Proceeding next to the tirtha called Urvasi, and then to Somasrama, a wise man by bathing next at Kumbhakarnasrama becometh adored in the world.  The ancients knew that by touching the waters of Kokamukha, with steady vows and leading Brahmacharya mode of life, the memory of one’s former life is revived.  Arriving next with speed to the river called Nanda a regenerate one becometh freed from all his sins and ascendeth with soul under control to Indra’s region.  Proceeding next to the island called Rishabha, that is destructive of cranes, and bathing in the Saraswati, an individual blazeth forth in heaven.  Proceeding next to the tirtha called Auddalaka frequented by Munis, and bathing there one is
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