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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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from every sorrow and blazeth forth like the Moon.  The pilgrim should next proceed, O king, to Swastipura.  By walking around that place, one obtaineth the merit of giving away a thousand kine.  Arriving next at the tirtha called Pavana, one should offer oblations to the Pitris and the gods.  By this, he obtaineth, O Bharata, the merit of the Agnishtoma sacrifice.  Near to that is Ganga-hrada, and another, O Bharata, called Kupa.  Thirty millions of tirthas, O king, are present in that Kupa.  Bathing there, O king, a person obtaineth heaven.  Bathing also in the Ganga-hrada and adoring Maheswara, one obtaineth the status of Ganapatya and rescueth his own race.  One should next proceed to Sthanuvata, celebrated over the three worlds.  Bathing there, O king, one obtaineth heaven.  One should then proceed to Vadanpachana, the asylum of Vasishtha.  Having fasted there for three nights, one should eat jujubes.  He that liveth on jujubes for twelve years, and he that fasteth at the tirtha for three nights, acquireth merit that is eternal.  Arriving then at Indramarga, O king, and fasting there for a day and night the pilgrim becometh adored in the abode of Indra.  Arriving next at the tirtha called Ekaratra, a person that stayeth there for one night, with regulated vows and refraining from untruth, becometh adored in the abode of Brahma.  One should next go, O king, to the asylum of Aditya—­that illustrious god who is a mass of effulgence.  Bathing in that tirtha celebrated over three worlds, and worshipping the god of light, one goeth to the region of Aditya and rescueth his own race.  The pilgrim then, O king, bathing in the tirtha of Soma, obtaineth, without doubt, the region of Soma.  One should next proceed, O virtuous one, to the most sacred tirtha of the illustrious Dadhicha, that sanctifying tirtha which is celebrated over the whole world.  It was here that Angiras, that ocean of ascetic austerities belonging to the Saraswata race, was born.  Bathing in that tirtha, one obtaineth the merit of the horse-sacrifice, and without doubt, gaineth also residence in the region of Saraswati.  With subdued senses and leading a Brahmacharya mode of life, one should next proceed to Kanyasrama.  Residing there for three nights, O king, with subdued senses and regulated diet, one obtaineth a hundred celestial damsels and goeth also to the abode of Brahma.  One should next, O virtuous one, proceed to the tirtha called Sannihati.  Sojourning thither the gods with Brahma at their head and Rishis endued with wealth of asceticism earn much virtue.  Bathing in the Saraswati during a solar eclipse, one obtaineth the merit of a hundred horse-sacrifices, and any sacrifice that one may perform there produceth merit that is eternal.  Whatever tirthas exist on earth or in the firmament, all the rivers, lakes, smaller
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