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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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“’O king, hearing these words of Sudeva, Sunanda washed the dust that covered the mole between Damayanti’s eye-brows.  And thereupon it became visible like the moon in the sky, just emerged from the clouds.  And seeing that mole, O Bharata, Sunanda and the queen-mother began to weep, and embracing Damayanti stood silent for a while.  And the queen-mother, shedding tears as she spoke, said in gentle accents, “By this thy mole, I find that thou art the daughter of my sister.  O beauteous girl, thy mother and I are both daughters of the high-souled Sudaman, the ruler of the Dasarnas.  She was bestowed upon king Bhima, and I on Viravahu.  I witnessed thy birth at our father’s palace in the country of the Dasarnas.  O beautiful one, my house is to thee even as thy father’s.  And this wealth, O Damayanti, is thine as much as mine.”  At this, O king, Damayanti bowing down to her mother’s sister with a glad heart, spake unto her these words, “Unrecognised, I have still lived happily with thee, every want of mine satisfied and myself cared for by thee.  And happy as my stay hath been, it would, without doubt, be happier still.  But, mother, I have long been an exile.  It behoveth thee, therefore, to grant me permission (to depart).  My son and daughter, sent to my father’s palace, are living there.  Deprived of their father, and of their mother also, how are they passing their days stricken with sorrow.  If thou wishest to do what is agreeable to me, do thou without loss of time, order a vehicle, for I wish to go to the Vidarbhas.”  At this, O king, the sister to (Damayanti’s) mother, with a glad heart, said, “So be it.” And the queen-mother with her son’s permission, O chief of the Bharatas, sent Damayanti in handsome litter carried by men, protected by a large escort and provided with food and drink and garments of the first quality.  And soon enough she reached the country of the Vidarbhas.  And all her relatives, rejoicing (in her arrival) received her with respect.  And seeing her relatives, her children, both her parents, and all her maids, to be well, the illustrious Damayanti, O king, worshipped the gods and Brahmanas according to the superior method.  And the king rejoiced at beholding his daughter, and gave unto Sudeva a thousand kine and much wealth and a village.  And, O king, having spent that night at her father’s mansion and recovered from fatigue, Damayanti addressed her mother, saying, “O mother, if thou wishest me to live, I tell thee truly, do thou endeavour to bring Nala, that hero among men.”  Thus addressed by Damayanti, the venerable queen became filled with sorrow.  And bathed in tears, she was unable to give any answer.  And beholding her in that plight, all the inmates of the inner apartments broke out into exclamation of “Oh!” And “Alas!” and began to cry bitterly.  And then the queen addressed the mighty monarch Bhima, saying, “Thy daughter Damayanti mourneth on account of her husband.  Nay, banishing away all bashfulness, she hath herself,

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