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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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and echoing with the cries of cranes and ospreys and Chakravakas, and abounding in tortoises and alligators and fishes, and studded with innumerable islets.  And as soon as she saw that caravan, the beauteous and celebrated wife of Nala, wild like a maniac, oppressed with grief, clad in half a garment, lean and pale and smutted, and with hair covered with dust, drew near and entered into its midst.  And beholding her, some fled in fear, and some became extremely anxious, and some cried aloud, and some laughed at her, and some hated her.  And some, O Bharata, felt pity for, and even addressed, her, saying, “O blessed one, who art thou, and whose?  What seekest thou in woods?  Seeing thee here we have been terrified.  Art thou human?  Tell us truly, O blessed one if thou art the goddess of this wood or of this mountain or of the points of the heaven.  We seek thy protection.  Art thou a female Yaksha, or a female Rakshasa, or a celestial damsel?  O thou of faultless features, do thou bless us wholly and protect us.  And, O blessed one, do thou so act that this caravan may soon go hence in prosperity and that the welfare of all of us may be secured.”  Thus addressed by that caravan, the princess Damayanti, devoted to her husband and oppressed by the calamity that had befallen her, answered, saying, “O leader of the caravan, ye merchants, ye youths, old men, and children, and ye that compose this caravan, know me for a human being.  I am the daughter of a king, and the daughter in-law of a king, and the consort also of a king, eager for the sight of my lord.  The ruler of the Vidarbhas is my father, and my husband is the lord of the Nishadhas, named Nala.  Even now I am seeking that unvanquished and blessed one.  If ye have chanced to see my beloved one, king Nala, that tiger among men, that destroyer of hostile hosts, O tell me quick.”  Thereupon the leader of that great caravan, named Suchi, replied unto Damayanti of faultless limbs, saying, “O blessed one, listen to my words.  O thou of sweet smiles, I am a merchant and the leader of this caravan.  O illustrious lady, I have not seen any man of the name of Nala.  In this extensive forest uninhabited by men, there are only elephants and leopards and buffaloes, and tigers and bears and other animals.  Except thee, I have not met with any man or woman here, so help us now Manibhadra, the king of Yakshas!” Thus addressed by them she asked those merchants as well as the leader of the host saying, “It behoveth you to tell me whither this caravan is bound.”  The leader of the band said, “O daughter of a great king, for the purpose of profit this caravan is bound direct for the city of Suvahu, the truth-telling ruler of the Chedis."’”


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