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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa
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their own proper forms, so that I may know the righteous king.”  Hearing these piteous words of Damayanti, and ascertaining her fixed resolve, and fervent love for the king of Nishadhas, the purity of her heart and her inclination and regard and affection for Nala, the gods did as they had been adjured, and assumed their respective attributes as best they could.  And thereupon she beheld the celestials unmoistened with perspiration, with winkless eyes, and unfading garlands, unstained with dust, and staying without touching the ground.  And Naishadha stood revealed to his shadow, his fading garlands, himself stained with dust and sweat, resting on the ground with winking eyes.  And, O Bharata, discerning the gods and the virtuous Nala the daughter of Bhima chose Naishadha according to her truth.  And the large-eyed damsel then bashfully caught the hem of his garment and placed round his neck a floral wreath of exceeding grace.  And when that fair-complexioned maiden had thus chosen Nala for her husband, the kings suddenly broke out into exclamations of Oh! and Alas! And, O Bharata, the gods and the great Rishis in wonder cried Excellent!  Excellent!, applauding the king the while.  And, O Kauravya, the royal son of Virasena, with heart filled with gladness, comforted the beauteous Damayanti, saying, “Since thou, O blessed one, hast chosen a mortal in the presence of the celestials, know me for a husband even obedient to thy command.  And, O thou of sweet smiles, truly do I tell thee this that as long as life continueth in this body of mine, I will remain thine and thine alone.”  Damayanti also, with folded hands paid homage unto Nala in words of like import.  And the happy pair beholding Agni and the other gods mentally sought their protection.  And after the daughter of Bhima had chosen Naishadha as her husband, the Lokapalas of exceeding effulgence with pleased hearts, bestowed on Nala eight boons.  And Sakra, the lord of Sachi, bestowed on Nala the boon that he should be able to behold his godship in sacrifices and that he should attain to blessed regions thereafter, and Hutasana bestowed on him the boon of his own presence whenever Naishadha wished, and regions also bright as himself.  And Yama granted him subtle taste in food as well as pre-eminence in virtue.  And the lord of waters granted Nala his own presence whenever he desired, and also garlands of celestial fragrance.  And thus each of them bestowed upon him a couple of boons.  And having bestowed these the gods went to heaven.  And the kings also, having witnessed with wonder Damayanti’s selection of Nala, returned delighted whence they had come.  And on the departure of those mighty monarchs, the high-souled Bhima, well pleased, celebrated the wedding of Nala and Damayanti.  And having stayed there for a time according to his desire, Naishadha, the best of men, returned to his own city with the permission of Bhima.  And having attained that pearl of a woman, the virtuous king, O monarch, began
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