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Zauschneria.—­A Californian half-hardy perennial plant which bears a profusion of scarlet tube-shaped flowers from June to October.  It grows freely in a sunny position in any dry, light, gravelly, rich soil, and is increased by division of roots or by cuttings.  Height, 1 ft.

Zea (Indian Corn).—­This is best raised in a hotbed early in spring, but it will germinate in ordinary soil in May.  It requires a sunny situation.  Height, 2 ft. to 3 ft.

Zea Japonica Variegata (Striped Japanese Maize).—­A fine half-hardy annual ornamental grass, the foliage being striped green and white, and growing to the height of 3 ft.  The cultivation is the same as the foregoing.

Zephyranthes (Swamp Lilies).—­Plant on a warm border in a rather sandy, well-drained soil.  Give protection in severe weather, and supply with water during the growing season.  Take up and divide every second or third year.  The flowers are produced in July.  Height, 9 in.

Zinnia.—­A genus of very pretty annuals, well deserving of cultivation.  The seeds must be raised on a gentle hotbed in spring, and planted out in June 1 ft. apart in the richest of loamy soil and warmest and most sheltered position.  Height 1 ft. to 11/2 ft.

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