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Tea was in progress when Mimi suddenly started up with a look of fright on her face; at the same moment, the men became cognisant of a thick smoke which began to spread through the room—­a smoke which made those who experienced it gasp and choke.  The footmen began to edge uneasily towards the inner door.  Denser and denser grew the smoke, and more acrid its smell.  Mimi, towards whom the draught from the open door wafted the smoke, rose up choking, and ran to the inner door, which she threw open to its fullest extent, disclosing on the outside a curtain of thin silk, fixed to the doorposts.  The draught from the open door swayed the thin silk towards her, and in her fright, she tore down the curtain, which enveloped her from head to foot.  Then she ran through the still open door, heedless of the fact that she could not see where she was going.  Adam, followed by Sir Nathaniel, rushed forward and joined her—­Adam catching his wife by the arm and holding her tight.  It was well that he did so, for just before her lay the black orifice of the well-hole, which, of course, she could not see with the silk curtain round her head.  The floor was extremely slippery; something like thick oil had been spilled where she had to pass; and close to the edge of the hole her feet shot from under her, and she stumbled forward towards the well-hole.

When Adam saw Mimi slip, he flung himself backward, still holding her.  His weight told, and he dragged her up from the hole and they fell together on the floor outside the zone of slipperiness.  In a moment he had raised her up, and together they rushed out through the open door into the sunlight, Sir Nathaniel close behind them.  They were all pale except the old diplomatist, who looked both calm and cool.  It sustained and cheered Adam and his wife to see him thus master of himself.  Both managed to follow his example, to the wonderment of the footmen, who saw the three who had just escaped a terrible danger walking together gaily, as, under the guiding pressure of Sir Nathaniel’s hand, they turned to re-enter the house.

Lady Arabella, whose face had blanched to a deadly white, now resumed her ministrations at the tea-board as though nothing unusual had happened.  The slop-basin was full of half-burned brown paper, over which tea had been poured.

Sir Nathaniel had been narrowly observing his hostess, and took the first opportunity afforded him of whispering to Adam: 

“The real attack is to come—­she is too quiet.  When I give my hand to your wife to lead her out, come with us—­and caution her to hurry.  Don’t lose a second, even if you have to make a scene.  Hs-s-s-h!”

Then they resumed their places close to the table, and the servants, in obedience to Lady Arabella’s order, brought in fresh tea.

Thence on, that tea-party seemed to Adam, whose faculties were at their utmost intensity, like a terrible dream.  As for poor Mimi, she was so overwrought both with present and future fear, and with horror at the danger she had escaped, that her faculties were numb.  However, she was braced up for a trial, and she felt assured that whatever might come she would be able to go through with it.  Sir Nathaniel seemed just as usual—­suave, dignified, and thoughtful—­perfect master of himself.

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