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Sir Nathaniel realised that Adam was right; the White Worm had no supernatural powers and could not harm them until she discovered their hiding place.  It was agreed, therefore, that the two men should go together.

When the two men slipped out by the back door of the house, they walked cautiously along the avenue which trended towards the west.  Everything was pitch dark—­so dark that at times they had to feel their way by the palings and tree-trunks.  They could still see, seemingly far in front of them and high up, the baleful light which at the height and distance seemed like a faint line.  As they were now on the level of the ground, the light seemed infinitely higher than it had from the top of the tower.  At the sight Adam’s heart fell; the danger of the desperate enterprise which he had undertaken burst upon him.  But this feeling was shortly followed by another which restored him to himself—­a fierce loathing, and a desire to kill, such as he had never experienced before.

They went on for some distance on a level road, fairly wide, from which the green light was visible.  Here Sir Nathaniel spoke softly, placing his lips to Adam’s ear for safety.

“We know nothing whatever of this creature’s power of hearing or smelling, though I presume that both are of no great strength.  As to seeing, we may presume the opposite, but in any case we must try to keep in the shade behind the tree-trunks.  The slightest error would be fatal to us.”

Adam only nodded, in case there should be any chance of the monster seeing the movement.

After a time that seemed interminable, they emerged from the circling wood.  It was like coming out into sunlight by comparison with the misty blackness which had been around them.  There was light enough to see by, though not sufficient to distinguish things at a distance.  Adam’s eyes sought the green light in the sky.  It was still in about the same place, but its surroundings were more visible.  It was now at the summit of what seemed to be a long white pole, near the top of which were two pendant white masses, like rudimentary arms or fins.  The green light, strangely enough, did not seem lessened by the surrounding starlight, but had a clearer effect and a deeper green.  Whilst they were carefully regarding this—­Adam with the aid of an opera-glass—­their nostrils were assailed by a horrid stench, something like that which rose from the well-hole in Diana’s Grove.

By degrees, as their eyes got the right focus, they saw an immense towering mass that seemed snowy white.  It was tall and thin.  The lower part was hidden by the trees which lay between, but they could follow the tall white shaft and the duplicate green lights which topped it.  As they looked there was a movement—­the shaft seemed to bend, and the line of green light descended amongst the trees.  They could see the green light twinkle as it passed between the obstructing branches.

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