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Sir Nathaniel had taken care to have the doors and windows shut and locked—­all but the door used for their entry.  The shutters were up and the blinds down.  Moreover, heavy curtains were drawn across the windows.  When Adam commented on this, Sir Nathaniel said in a whisper: 

“Wait till we are alone, and I’ll tell you why this is done; in the meantime not a word or a sign.  You will approve when we have had a talk together.”

They said no more on the subject till after dinner, when they were ensconced in Sir Nathaniel’s study, which was on the top storey.  Doom Tower was a lofty structure, situated on an eminence high up in the Peak.  The top commanded a wide prospect, ranging from the hills above the Ribble to the near side of the Brow, which marked the northern bound of ancient Mercia.  It was of the early Norman period, less than a century younger than Castra Regis.  The windows of the study were barred and locked, and heavy dark curtains closed them in.  When this was done not a gleam of light from the tower could be seen from outside.

When they were alone, Sir Nathaniel explained that he had taken his old friend, Mr. Salton, into full confidence, and that in future all would work together.

“It is important for you to be extremely careful.  In spite of the fact that our marriage was kept secret, as also your temporary absence, both are known.”

“How?  To whom?”

“How, I know not; but I am beginning to have an idea.”

“To her?” asked Adam, in momentary consternation.

Sir Nathaniel shivered perceptibly.

“The White Worm—­yes!”

Adam noticed that from now on, his friend never spoke of Lady Arabella otherwise, except when he wished to divert the suspicion of others.

Sir Nathaniel switched off the electric light, and when the room was pitch dark, he came to Adam, took him by the hand, and led him to a seat set in the southern window.  Then he softly drew back a piece of the curtain and motioned his companion to look out.

Adam did so, and immediately shrank back as though his eyes had opened on pressing danger.  His companion set his mind at rest by saying in a low voice: 

“It is all right; you may speak, but speak low.  There is no danger here—­at present!”

Adam leaned forward, taking care, however, not to press his face against the glass.  What he saw would not under ordinary circumstances have caused concern to anybody.  With his special knowledge, it was appalling—­though the night was now so dark that in reality there was little to be seen.

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