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Then, quite unexpectedly, the negro noticed the presence of a third person—­Adam Salton!  He pulled out a pistol and shot at him, happily missing.  Adam was himself usually a quick shot, but this time his mind had been on something else and he was not ready.  However, he was quick to carry out an intention, and he was not a coward.  In another moment both men were in grips.  Beside them was the dark well-hole, with that horrid effluvium stealing up from its mysterious depths.

Adam and Oolanga both had pistols; Lady Arabella, who had not one, was probably the most ready of them all in the theory of shooting, but that being impossible, she made her effort in another way.  Gliding forward, she tried to seize the African; but he eluded her grasp, just missing, in doing so, falling into the mysterious hole.  As he swayed back to firm foothold, he turned his own gun on her and shot.  Instinctively Adam leaped at his assailant; clutching at each other, they tottered on the very brink.

Lady Arabella’s anger, now fully awake, was all for Oolanga.  She moved towards him with her hands extended, and had just seized him when the catch of the locked box—­due to some movement from within—­flew open, and the king-cobra-killer flew at her with a venomous fury impossible to describe.  As it seized her throat, she caught hold of it, and, with a fury superior to its own, tore it in two just as if it had been a sheet of paper.  The strength used for such an act must have been terrific.  In an instant, it seemed to spout blood and entrails, and was hurled into the well-hole.  In another instant she had seized Oolanga, and with a swift rush had drawn him, her white arms encircling him, down with her into the gaping aperture.

Adam saw a medley of green and red lights blaze in a whirling circle, and as it sank down into the well, a pair of blazing green eyes became fixed, sank lower and lower with frightful rapidity, and disappeared, throwing upward the green light which grew more and more vivid every moment.  As the light sank into the noisome depths, there came a shriek which chilled Adam’s blood—­a prolonged agony of pain and terror which seemed to have no end.

Adam Salton felt that he would never be able to free his mind from the memory of those dreadful moments.  The gloom which surrounded that horrible charnel pit, which seemed to go down to the very bowels of the earth, conveyed from far down the sights and sounds of the nethermost hell.  The ghastly fate of the African as he sank down to his terrible doom, his black face growing grey with terror, his white eyeballs, now like veined bloodstone, rolling in the helpless extremity of fear.  The mysterious green light was in itself a milieu of horror.  And through it all the awful cry came up from that fathomless pit, whose entrance was flooded with spots of fresh blood.  Even the death of the fearless little snake-killer—­so fierce, so frightful, as

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