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“I want to have a chat with you on a subject in which I believe you are interested.  Will you kindly call for me one day after lunch—­say at three or four o’clock, and we can walk a little way together.  Only as far as Mercy Farm, where I want to see Lilla and Mimi Watford.  We can take a cup of tea at the Farm.  Do not bring your African servant with you, as I am afraid his face frightens the girls.  After all, he is not pretty, is he?  I have an idea you will be pleased with your visit this time.

   “Yours sincerely,


At half-past three next day, Edgar Caswall called at Diana’s Grove.  Lady Arabella met him on the roadway outside the gate.  She wished to take the servants into her confidence as little as possible.  She turned when she saw him coming, and walked beside him towards Mercy Farm, keeping step with him as they walked.  When they got near Mercy, she turned and looked around her, expecting to see Oolanga or some sign of him.  He was, however, not visible.  He had received from his master peremptory orders to keep out of sight—­an order for which the African scored a new offence up against her.  They found Lilla and Mimi at home and seemingly glad to see them, though both the girls were surprised at the visit coming so soon after the other.

The proceedings were a repetition of the battle of souls of the former visit.  On this occasion, however, Edgar Caswall had only the presence of Lady Arabella to support him—­Oolanga being absent; but Mimi lacked the support of Adam Salton, which had been of such effective service before.  This time the struggle for supremacy of will was longer and more determined.  Caswall felt that if he could not achieve supremacy he had better give up the idea, so all his pride was enlisted against Mimi.  When they had been waiting for the door to be opened, Lady Arabella, believing in a sudden attack, had said to him in a low voice, which somehow carried conviction: 

“This time you should win.  Mimi is, after all, only a woman.  Show her no mercy.  That is weakness.  Fight her, beat her, trample on her—­kill her if need be.  She stands in your way, and I hate her.  Never take your eyes off her.  Never mind Lilla—­she is afraid of you.  You are already her master.  Mimi will try to make you look at her cousin.  There lies defeat.  Let nothing take your attention from Mimi, and you will win.  If she is overcoming you, take my hand and hold it hard whilst you are looking into her eyes.  If she is too strong for you, I shall interfere.  I’ll make a diversion, and under cover of it you must retire unbeaten, even if not victorious.  Hush! they are coming.”

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