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Paul Leland Haworth
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     “’Twixt the pit and the crest, ’twixt the rocks and the grass,
     Where the bush hides the foe and the foe holds the pass,
     Beaujeu and Pontiac, striving amain;
     Huron and Wyandot, jeering the slain,”

The years pass and the same figure grown older and more sedate is taking command of an army of peasantry at war with their King.  Dorchester Heights, Brooklyn, Fort Washington, Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Valley Forge, Monmouth, Morristown, the sun of Yorktown; Green, Gates, Arnold, Morgan, Lee, Lafayette, Howe, Clinton, Cornwallis—­what memories!  Lastly, a Cincinnatus grown bent and gray in service leaves his farm to head his country’s civil affairs and give confidence and stability to an infant government by his wisdom and character.

Here, with bared heads, let us take leave of him—­a farmer, but “the greatest of good men and the best of great men.”



Adams, Abigail, letter of husband to about Washington’s retirement, 306. 
Adams, John:  believes Washington was made by marriage with Custis money,
     16; on Washington’s retirement, 306. 
Ague, prevalence of along the Potomac, 65. 
Alfalfa, see “Lucerne"
Alton, John, a servant of Washington’s, 170, 174, 175. 
Anderson, James:  manager of Mount Vernon, 181, 182; sends list of the
     increase of slaves, 194; mentioned by Parkinson, 276; remains with
     Washington, 307; final instructions to, 315.
Anna, brings indentured servants from Ireland, 167.
Annals of Agriculture used by Washington, 71, 72; nature of, 74;
     plan of drill published in, 107; Washington begins to read, 116;
     plan of barn in, 117; threshing machine described in, 126.
A Practical Treatise of Husbandry:  used by Washington, 71; its
     author, 73.

Barrel plough:  Washington makes one, 107; operation of, 108-110. 
Bartram, John, Washington obtains plants from, 159. 
Bassett, Fanny, matrimonial adventures of, 177, 180. 
Bater, Philip, Washington agrees to let him get drunk on certain days, 169. 
Bath (Berkeley Springs):  Washington’s land at, 28; Patty Custis taken to,
Bear, one chased by the hounds, 257. 
Belvoir, fox hunting dinners at, 258. 
Bernard, John, peculiar meeting of with Washington, 310-312. 
Bishop, Sally:  Custis’ story of, 171-173; marries Thomas Green, 173;
    later history of, 174. 
Bishop, Thomas, history of, 170-173. 
Bixby, Thomas K., owns the Lear papers, 86. 
“Blueskin,” one of Washington’s war horses, 132, 133. 
Board of Agriculture:  Washington elected honorary member
     of, 84; he is influenced by example of, 128. 
Booker, William:  makes threshing machine for Washington,
     126, 127; mentioned, 308. 
Boston Athenaeum, buys Washington relics, 86.

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