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OHIO, $439.94.

Andover Center.  Cong.  Ch. ...2.85
Ashland.  Mrs. Eliza Thomson ...2.28

Berea.  James S. Smedley, 5; First Cong. 
Ch., 3.70 ...8.70

Chester Cross Roads.  Cong.  Ch. ...5.00

Claridon.  L.T.  Wilmot, 10 bal. to const. 
S.E.  WILMOT L.M.; Sab.  Sch. of Cong. 
Ch., 10 ...20.00

Delaware.  William Bevan ...5.00

Dover. 2 Boxes Christmas Gifts, 1 Box S.S.  Papers; Mrs. Whitney, Christmas dinner for Teachers; 3 little Aldrich Children, .80, for Athens, Ala. ...0.80

Geneva.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch. for Grand
View, Tenn.

Geneva.  “W” ...1.00
Greensburg.  Mrs. H.B.  Harrington ...5.00

Harmar.  Mrs. Lydia N. Hart, for Oahe
Ind’l Sch.

Lenox.  Cong.  Ch. ...5.00
Lyme.  Cong.  Ch. ...16.27

Medina.  Ladies of Cong.  Ch., 2 Bbls. of
C., for Macon, Ga. val. 30

New Lyme.  A.J.  Holman ...10.00
North Benton.  Simon Hartzell ...5.00
Overlin.  First Ch. ...48.02
Perrysburg.  Rev. J.K.  Deering ...0.75
Radnor.  Edward D. Jones ...5.00
Springfield.  First Cong.  Ch. ...15.00

Springfield.  Bbl. of C., Miss Jessie M.
Garfield (for Freight, 1) for Wilmington,

Tallmadge.  MISS SARAH M. HALL, 30, to
const. herself L.M.; “A Friend,” 9.50 ...39.50

Toledo.  Ladies’ Soc., Cen.  Cong.  Ch., for
Woman’s Work

Toledo.  Central Cong.  Ch. ...5.50

Toledo.  Miss A.M.  Nichols, Bbl. of C.,
Pupils of La Grange Sch., 2 Bbls. of C.,
for Wilmington, N.C.

Twinsburg.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch., 30, to
const.  E.B.  Lane L.M.; “A Friend.” 2 ...$82.00

Unionville.  Mrs. E.F.  Burnelle, 5; Mrs.
Elvira Stratton, 2 ...7.00

Willington. ——­, for Oahe Ind’I Sch. ...25.00

Windham.  Wm. A. Perkins ...5.00

Ohio Woman’s Home Missionary Union, by Mrs. Phebe A. Crafts, Treas., for Woman’s Work:

Cleveland.  Plymouth Ch. 
L.B.S.  Aux. ...1.00

Cleveland.  First Cong.  Ch. 
L.H.M.S. ...2.27

Hudson.  L.H.M.S. ...5.00

Oberlin.  Second Cong.  Ch.  L.M.S. ...44.00

Salem.  Mrs. D.A.  Allen ...6.00

Springfield.  First Cong.  Ch. 
L.M.S. ...20.00

------ 78.27

INDIANA, $2.00.

Sparta.  John Hawkswell ...2.00

ILLINOIS, $734.16.

Atkinson.  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Norrs,
for Talladega C. ...10.00

Batavia.  Cong.  Ch. ...36.00

Belvidere.  Mrs. M.C.  Foote, 4.50 for Beach
Inst., Savannah, Ga.
, and 3 for Woman’s

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