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East Longmeadow. ...17.50
Monson. ...31.85
South Hadley Falls. ...15.00
Springfield.  South. ...99.52
" First. ...68.56
West Springfield.  Park St. ...15.00

Westfield.  First, for Hampton
N.&A.  Inst.
--------- 317.43



Chicopee.  Estate of Maria Smith, by E.B. 
Clark, Ex. ...1000.00

Danvers.  Estate of Mrs. Caroline Gould,
by Chas. H. Gould, Ex. ...500.00

Deerfield.  Estate of Tamesin S. Clark,
by S.D.  Drury, Ex. ...2000.00

Lancaster.  Estate of Miss Sophia Stearns,
by Wm. M. Wyman, Ex. ...4.04

Newtonville.  Estate of Mrs. Mary P.
Hayes, by Wm. Laing, Ex. ...4268.78

Roxbury.  Estate of H.B.  Hooker, D.D.,
by Arthur W. Tuffts, Ex. ...50.00

Sherborn.  Estate of Mrs. Anna Barber,
by Lowell Cooidge, Ex. ...356.88

Springfield.  Estate of Charles Merriam,
by Charles Marsh, Ex. ...3000.00

West Brookfield.  Estate of Mrs. Lucy
Ellis (proceeds sales of 5 shares of
stocks), Geo. Davis, Adm’r, by Langdon
S. Ward ...733.75

Worcester.  Estate of Charlotte E. Metcalf,
by Mrs. Mary M. Chester ...36.33



Mason, N.H.  By L. June Goodwin, Bbl.,
for Storrs Sch.

Rindge, N.H.  Ladies’ B. Soc., 2 Bbls.,
Val, 81.57, for Storrs Sch.

Goffstown, N.H.  By Miss E. Kendall,
Bbl., for Oaks, N.C.

East Cambridge, Mass.  Miss M.F.  Aiken,
Box, for Kittrell, N.C.

Framingham, Mass.  “Friends,” Bbl., for
Kittrell, N.C.

Lawrence, Mass.  Ladies’ Benev.  Soc., of
Lawrence St. Ch., Bbl., Val., 78.36,
for Talladega C.

Marlboro, Mass.  Bbl.

Medfield, Mass.  Second Cong.  Ch., Bbl.,
for Oaks, N.C.

Natick, Mass.  Primary Dept. of First

Cong.  Ch., Box Gifts, for Sab.  Sch., Chattanooga, Tenn.

Norwood, Mass.  Agnes P. Robbing, Box,
for Savannah, Ga.

Stoughton, Mass.  Cong.  Ch., Half Bbl.,
for Pleasant Hill, Tenn.

Watertown, Mass.  Collected by Mrs.
Woodworth, 2 Bbls., for Oaks, N.C.

Weatboro, Mass.  Ladies Freedmen’s
Ass’n, Bbl., Val., 51, for Atlanta, U.

RHODE ISLAND, $1,020.21.

Central Falls.  Cong.  Ch., for student Aid,
Indian M.

East Providence.  Samuel Belden (60 of which to const.  HENRY A. BREWSTER and EVA BELDEN CHURHCILL L. M’s) ...150.00

Newport.  Mrs. Eliza D.W.  Thayer, for
Santee Indian M.

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