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We will gladly furnish every pastor, and others who will send to us for them, such facts and figures as may be helpful in representing the work.  Surely we can depend upon those who love God and their country for thoughtful remembrance and ready response.

* * * * *

The Rev. C.J.  Ryder who has been assigned to the District Secretaryship of the Eastern district for the collecting field in New England, will, upon his return from a supervisory tour in the extreme South, succeed our friend, Dr. Woodworth, in the Boston office.

It is well known to our readers that Superintendent Ryder, two and a half years ago, was induced to assume the laborious work then demitted by Rev. Dr. Roy upon a similar transfer of Dr. Roy from the Field Superintendency to the District Secretaryship of the West, with his office in Chicago.  To those who have read the “Notes in the Saddle” from the South, in our magazine, written by Supt.  Ryder, we need add no word of introduction.  Nor need we say that he will carry into his new department of our common work the same energy, zeal and interest which has characterized the past.  With his presentations of the work, and with his personal knowledge and experience of the field, and of every part of it, we anticipate for the new District Secretary a hearty welcome and co-operation on the part of our pastors and churches.  The work in the South will be temporarily supervised, and arrangements have been made for this by the New York office.

* * * * *

In retiring from his long-time trust, the Rev. Dr. Woodworth bears with him the thanks of multitudes of God’s poor in the South, and the high regard of all who have been associated in co-operative work with him.  It is not impossible that he may yet see his way to add to his record of many years, still further service in another department of this varied work.

* * * * *


Rev. William H. Ellis died Nov. 28th, at Troy, N.C., aged thirty-five years and six months.  He entered the work of the A.M.A. in North Carolina in 1878 and continued in that field.  At the time of his death he was pastor of the Congregational Church and teacher of the Association’s school, at Troy, N.C.  He was a graduate of Williams College and continued his habits of study during the years of his arduous labor as a missionary.

He had been for a long time in feeble health, but was unwilling to leave his post of duty even temporarily to secure his recovery.  His services in this field of the A.M.A. have been characterized by self-denial, patience and faithfulness.  He was intensely loyal to his convictions and died having fought the good fight, a Christian hero.



The following list presents the names and post-office addresses of those who are employed in the Churches, Institutions and Schools aided by the American Missionary Association.

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