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NEW JERSEY, $175.52.

Asbury Park.  Mrs. S.A.  Tyler 50

Boundbrook.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch. for
  Santee Agency

Jersey City.  First Congl.  Ch. (Tabernacle) 72.02

Perth Amboy.  Rev. P. Kimball 10.00

Westfield.  Cong.  Ch. 83.00


Meadville.  Ladies’ Miss’y Soc. of Park Av. 
  Ch., for Mountiain White Work 20.00

Morth East.  Miss C.A.  Talcot 1.00

Philadelphia.  Sab.  Sch. of Central Cong.  Ch.,
  for Mech’l Building, Tillotston Inst. 25.00

Ridgway.  By Minnie Kline, for Oaks, N.C. 5.00

OHIO, $548.64.

Akron.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch., for Student
  Aid, Atlanta U.

Akron.  Sab.  Sch. of First Cong.  Ch., for
  Student Aid, Fisk U.

Atwater.  “Willing Workers” by Mrs.
  Geo. Weldy, Bbl. of C. for Storrs Sch.

Berea.  Cong.  Ch., Soc. of C.E., for ed. of
  children, Williamsburg, Ky.

Bryan.  S.E.  Blakeslee 5.00

Chatham Center.  Cong.  Ch. 15.13

Cincinnati.  Walnut Hills Cong.  Ch. and
  Sab.  Sch., 75.00; Mrs. Betsey E. Aydelott,
  5 80.00

Defiance.  Dr. J.L.  Scott, for Student Aid,
  Fisk U.

Dover.  Y.P.S.C.E., 20; Young Ladies
  Class, Cong.  Sab.  Sch., 10 for Student
  Aid, Athens, Ala.

Elyria.  Ladies Soc. of Cong.  Ch., for
  Wilmington, N.C.

Hudson.  Cong.  Ch. 16.94

Lexington.  Cong.  Ch. 5.80

Mallet Creek.  Mrs. M.W.  Bingham 5.00

Mansfield.  F.E.  Tracy, for Student Aid,
  Austin, Tex.

Medina.  “Opportunity Club” by Caddie
  Root 2.00

Metz.  Miss Lulu Fish, for Macon, Ga. 5.00

Oberlin.  Sab.  Sch. of Sec.  Cong.  Ch., for
  Student Aid, Tillotson C. and N. Inst.

Ravenna.  Box and Bbl. of C., for Jackson,

Saybrook.  Cong.  Sab.  Sch.  Mission Band 6.65

South Ridge.  Mrs. U. Havilland 50

Strongsville.  Elijah Lyman 10.00

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