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Gardiner.  Cong.  Ch., by Miss S.E.  Adams,
 Bbl. of C., for Selma, Ala.

Gorham.  Cong.  Ch. and Parish 35.81

Hallowell.  “Friends” for Freight 5.00

Harrison.  Bbl. of C., 50c. for freight, for
 Mobile, Ala.

New Castle.  Second Cong.  Ch. 15.00

Norway.  Mrs. Mary K. Frost 2.50

Portland.  Second Parish Ch., ad’l 35.00

Portland.  Brown Thurston’s Class, High
 St. Sab.  Sch., for Student Aid, Hampton

Presque Isle.  Cong.  Ch. 12.50

Skowhegan.  Island Av.  Ch. 24.00

Skowhegan.  Ladies’ Miss’y Soc., by Mrs.
 L.W.  Weston, Bbl. of C., for Selma, Ala.

South Berwick.  Cong.  Ch., to const.  Mrs.
 Annie A. Burleigh and Mrs. Hannah
 I. Hodgen L.M.’s 80.00

South Berwick.  Mrs. Lewis’ S.S.  Class, 3.25; Miss McClellans’ Class, 1.15; Miss
 Oak’s Class, 1.60; for Wilmington, N.C. 6.00

South Paris.  Cong.  Ch. 11.50

Turner.  Mrs. Royal H. Bird, for Indian M. 5.00

Waterford.  First Cong.  Ch., bal. to const. 
 Rev. C.L.  Skinner L.M. 6.66

West Falmouth.  Sab.  Sch. of Second
 Cong.  Ch., for Student Aid, Selma, Ala. 16.00

West Falmouth.  By Rev. W.H.  Haskell, for Freight 2.00

Willard.  “Star Mission Circle,” for Pleasant
 Hill, Tenn.

Woolwich.  Cong.  Ch., 10; Mrs. J.P. 
 Trott, 2 12.00

York.  First Cong.  Ch. 42.50
 Collected by Miss Bertha D. Robertson: 
     Bangor.  Third Ch. 5.00
     Bangor.  “Little Girl,” First Ch. 1.00
     Brewer Village 5.50
     Camden 2.00
     Ellsworth.  S.P.  Dutton 20.00
     Foxcroft 3.37
     Freeport.  Cong.  Ch. 8.62
     Mechanic Falls.  Dr. Holt 1.00
     Norridgewock.  Mrs. Dole 5.50
     Portland.  “A Lady” 5.00
     Rockland 1.00
     Sacarappa 14.00
     ——­ 2.16
     Winthrop 1.25

——­ 75.40


Alton.  Cong.  Ch. 3.00

Boscawen.  “Crescent City Helpers, “for
 Straight U.

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