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“Well, you must think it all over, and if you are quite sure that you want to do it, we will take Susy down to the church this afternoon with the other things,” said her mother.

Fay said no more, and in a few minutes she tripped down stairs, and when her mamma followed soon after, she heard the creak of Fay’s little rocking chair, and the words, “Sleep, baby, sleep,” which told her as she peeped through a crack in the door, that Susy was getting her last lullaby from the fond little mother, who at the proper time presented Susy all dressed for her journey to Tougaloo.

“When Fay and her mother arrived at the church, sure enough right there in the parlor stood two or three barrels, while dear old Mrs. Rogers and half a dozen other ladies were filling them with useful articles.

“Here is a package of clothing,” said Mrs. Bradley, " and I have another bundle, which Dennis will bring from the carriage in a few minutes.”

“And Susy’s going to Tougaloo,” said Fay, reaching out her treasure to Grandma Rogers as she spoke.

“Well now, the dear,” said Grandma Rogers, “don’t you want her yourself, blossom?”

“No’m, not now,” said Fay, “if you’ll find a little girl who’ll take real good care of her—­her name’s ‘Susy.’”

“Well, did you ever!” said Grandma Rogers. " Here’s jest the place for Susy, she can set right here in Miss Blout’s bunnit as snug as a bug.”

“Wait a minute, Mrs. Rogers,” said Miss Bliss, and taking a pencil she wrote on a little slip of paper, “My name is Susy, and I should like to go to some little girl who will take good care of me.”  This she read and pinned the slip on Susy’s pretty dress when she was safely seated in “Miss Blout’s bunnit,” in which odd carriage, made of roses and ribbons, Susy started on her long journey to Tougaloo.  Her little mother, Fay, would like some day to get a letter from Susy’s new mother, though she has not yet heard from her.


* * * * *


* * * * *

MAINE, $566.12.

Augusta.  “Christmas Offering” $5.00

Brewer.  First Cong.  Ch. and Soc. 22.50

Brunswick.  Cong.  Ch., by Mrs. Ellen F.
 Lincoln, 2Bbls. and 1 Box of C., for Selma,

Castine.  Mary and Margaret J. Cushman, 2 each 4.00

Cumberland Center.  Cong.  Ch. and Soc. 35.00

Cumberland Mills.  Warren Ch. (of which 10.64 for Indian M., and 5 from Primary
 Dept. of Sab.  Sch. for Mountain White
) to const.  Mrs. Mary Melcher and Roland H. Blanchard L.M.’s. 85.75

Fryeburg.  By Mrs. Albert F. Richardson, for Freight 1.50

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