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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 42 pages of information about The American Missionary Volume 42, No. 02, February 1888.

And now this is the last thing I want to say.  The Grandfather has for his own the Indians all over the land, and he always helps them according to what may be for their welfare.  Now he is measuring off the land for them, but I hear it said that he measures it very, very small, and I am sad about that.  If only he would have mercy and measure it off for them largely, that is what I think.  A good while ago the Grandfather made a treaty with the Indians and promised to give them three hundred and twenty acres, and according to that I have chosen my homestead and that suits me.  Therefore I prize the Grandfather’s word and measure myself by it.  And thus I possess myself and my children.

Although we are not many people here, yet I always command them to give heed to the words of the Grandfather.  And I bear witness to their constant attendance at the house (the school and church) that stands here.  Although I am wholly an Indian, yet these are my judgments and so I tell them.  And I write them in order that some may think about the Indians.  My friends, I wish you to hear these words and so I write them.  I shake hands with a good heart.


Burrell Station, Rosebud Agency, D.T.

* * * * *





ME.—­Woman’s Aid to A.M.A., Chairman of Committee,
Mrs. C.A.  Woodbury, Woodfords, Me.

VT.—­Woman’s Aid to A.M.A., Chairman of Committee,
Mrs. Henry Fairbanks, St. Johnsbury, Vt.

CONN.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
Mrs. S.M.  Hotchkiss, 171 Capitol Ave., Hartford,

N.Y.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
Mrs. C.C.  Creegan, Syracuse, N.Y.

OHIO.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
Mrs. Flora K. Regal, Oberlin, Ohio.

ILL.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary, Mrs.
C.H.  Taintor, 151 Washington St., Chicago, Ill.

MICH.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
Mrs. Mary B. Warren, Lansing, Mich.

WIS.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
Mrs. C. Matter, Brodhead, Wis.

MINN.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Society, Secretary,
Mrs. H.L.  Chase, 2,750 Second Ave., South,
Minneapolis, Minn.

IOWA.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
Miss Ella E. Marsh, Grinnell, Iowa.

KANSAS.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Society, Secretary,
Mrs. Addison Blanchard, Topeka, Kan.

SOUTH DAKOTA—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union
Secretary, Mrs. W.H.  Thrall, Amour, Dak.

Miss Bertha Robertson, missionary of the A.M.A. from McIntosh, Ga., will spend a few months in presenting our work in the North.  She has just completed a missionary tour in Maine, which has been most fruitful of good, and will now give a few weeks to the churches of New Hampshire, speaking to meetings of ladies, or to mixed audiences, as may be desired.  Applications for her services can be made to Miss Emerson, of the Woman’s Bureau, 56 Reade St., New York, or to Rev. Cyrus Richardson, Nashua, N.H.

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