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Bangor. " Friends,” by Rev. G.A.  Jameson, for Talladega C. ...$26.62

Brooklyn.  Tompkins Av.  Cong.  Ch. ...408.00

Brooklyn, Stephen Ballard, for Tougaloo U. ...112.00

Buffalo.  Wm. W. Hammond, for Indian M. ...10.00

Churchville.  Sab.  Soft.  Miss’y Soc. of
 Cong.  Ch., for Indian Sch’p ...35.00

Churchville.  “Mission Band,” Cong.  Ch., 2 Quilts, for Macon Ga.

Columbus.  Cong.  Ch. ...3.00

Cortland.  Cong.  Ch. ...5.00

Derby “Children” by Miss E.L.  Camp. for Marie Adlof Fund ...0.50

Elbridge.  Cong.  Ch. ...12.00

Gaines.  Cong.  Ch. and Soc., 34.26, and
 Sab.  Sch., 8.27 ...42.53

Ithaca.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch., for Student
 Aid, Talladega C.

New York.  Mrs. Dodge, for Talladega C. ...100.00

New York.  Geo. E. Hamlin ...25.00

New York.  Bethany Sewing Sch., 6; Infant
 Class, Sab.  Sch.  Broadway Tabernacle, 5, for Fort Berthold Indian M. ...11.00

New York.  Proceeds sale of Gift ...1.25

Norwich.  “G.,” 20; “Lady in Cong. 
 Ch.,” 1 ...21.00

Rochester.  Plymouth Ch. ...19.37

Sag Harbor.  Chas. N. Brown, to const. 
 REV.  CHAS H. WILSON L.M. ...30.00

Syracuse.  Chas. A. Hamlin ...21.78

Walton.  Ladies’ Miss.  Soc., 2 Bbls.  Goods, for Santee Indian M.

Woman’s Home Missionary Union of
 N.Y., by Mrs. L.H.  Cobb, Treas., for Woman’s Work

  Warsaw.  Ladies’ Soc. ...5.00

  West Groton.  Young People’s Soc. ...10.00

----- 15.00

NEW JERSEY, $115.90.

Arlington, Sab.  Sch.  Miss’y Soc. of Presb. 
 Ch. for Beach Inst. ...5.00

East Orange.  Grove St. Cong.  Ch. ...44.68

Newark.  Belleville Av.  Cong.  Ch. ...36.22

Bound Brook.  Ladies’ Miss’y Soc., for
 Indian M.


Canton.  H. Sheldon ...10.00

Mercer.  Proceeds sale of late Free Presb. 
 Ch., for benefit of Freedmen, by G.K. 
 Smith for the trustees ...300.00

Orwell.  Rev. M.R.  Kerr ...0.25

Shenandoah.  Ladies Miss’y Soc., Bbl. of
 C., Freight 1., for Savannah, Ga. ...1.00

West Alexander.  Mrs. Ruth Sunderland ...5.00

OHIO, $105.77.

Atwater.  For Freight ...1.25

Claridon First Cong.  Ch. ...54.00

Conneant H.E.  Pond and “Friends,” for
 Straight U.

Mantua.  Cong.  Ch. ...4.33

Oberlin.  Mrs. D.H.  Patchlin ...1.00

Ruggles.  Cong.  Ch. ...15.50

Ohio Woman’s Home Miss’y Union, by
 Mrs. Phebe A. Crafts, Treas., for
 Woman’s Work

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