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Concord, N.H.  Ladies of North Cong. 
Ch., 1 Bbl.

Hollis, N.H.  Ladies’ Charitable Soc., 2
Bbls., for Storrs Sch., Atlanta, Ga.

Ashfield, Mass.  Ladies of Cong, Ch., 1
Bbl., val. 39.75.

Groton, Mass.  Ladies’ Benev.  Soc. of
Cong.  Ch., Bbl., for Wilmington.  N.C.

Ipswich, Mass.  First Ch., by Miss Lucy
R. Farley, 2 Bbls., val. 25 ea.

Medway, Mass.  Ladies’ Soc. of Cong.  Ch.,
1 Bbl., val. 31.50, for Wilmington, N.C.

Millbury, Mass.  Mrs. Emily S. Ewell, 1
Box, for Atlanta U.

Phillipston, Mass.  Ladles of Cong.  Ch.,
1 Box.

Somerville, Mass.  Young Ladles’ Miss’y
Circle of Day St. Ch., Bbl. and Case, for
Pleasant Hill, Tenn.

Spencer, Mass.  By Mrs. J.W.  Temple, 1
Bbl., for Atlanta U.

Westboro.  Ladies’ Freedmen’s Ass’n, 1
Bbl., val. 47.68, for Atlanta U.

——. 1 Bbl., for Atlanta U.

RHODE ISLAND, $238.08.

Barrington.  Cong.  Ch., 59.65, and Sab. 
Sch. 40.35, to const.  EDWARD T. FLEMMING
L.M. ...100.00

Kingston.  Cong.  Ch. ...20.60
Peace Dale.  Cong.  Ch. ...12.48

Providence.  Beneficent Cong.  Ch., 75;
MRS. B.B.  KNIGHT, 30 to const, herself L.M. ...105.00

CONNECTICUT, $1,418.85.

Black Rock.  Cong.  Ch. ...28.00
Bozrah.  Cong.  Ch., Communion Set

Bridgeport.  Second Cong, Ch., 18.50;
Park St. Cong.  Ch., 3.26, for student
Aid, Fisk U.

Bridgeport.  Soc. of “Four O’Clocks” ...10.00

Bristol.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch., for Rosebud
Indian M.

Derby.  Sarah A. Hotchkiss ...5.00
East Berlin.  Titus Penfield ...5.00

East Haadam.  By Mrs. E.T.  Reed, for

East Hampton.  “Friends,” for Theo. 
Dept., Talladega C.

East Hampton.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch.,
for Indian M. ...6.00

Franklin.  Miss A.L.  Hart, for Student
Aid, Talladega C.

Glastonbury.  Geo. G. Williams, 100; J.B. 
Williams, 50, for Student Aid, Fisk U. ...150.00

Glastonbury.  First Cong.  Ch. ...6.20

Griswoldville.  True Blue Card, by Miss
Bertha Griswold ...$2.00

Guilford.  Sab.  Sch. of First Cong Ch., for
Sch’p Santee Indian M.

Guilford.  First Cong.  Ch., to const.  MRS.
ANNIE L. MOODY L.M. ...30.00

Hadlyme.  Cong.  Ch., 7; Mrs. Nancy Hungerford, 3;
R.E.  Hungerford, 5; Jos.  W. Hungerford, 5 ...20.00

Hartford.  Pearl St. Cong.  Ch. ...79.52

Hartford.  Mrs. M.I.  Allen, 6 doz.  Thimbles,
for Macon, Ga.

Harwinton.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch., for
Rosebud Indian M.

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