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Newburyport.  North Cong.  Ch. and Soc.,
  35; Whitefield Cong.  Ch. and Soc., 13.92 ...51.92

North Amherst.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch.,
  for Rosebud Indian M. ...13.00

Northampton.  Edwards Ch.  Benev.  Soc. ...83.86

North Brookfield.  Miss Abby W. Johnson ...5.00

North Cambridge.  Young Ladies’ M.C. of
  No.  Av.  Cong.  Ch., for Oahe Indian M. ...25.00

North Weymonth.  Sab.  Sch. of Pilgrim
  Ch., for Student Aid, Wilmington, N.C. ...8.00

Norton.  Trinitarian Cong.  Ch. and Soc. ...18.49

Otis.  Cong.  Ch. ...5.20

Oxford.  Ladies’ Miss’y Soc. of Cong.  Ch.,
  for Freight ...2.00

Palmer.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch., for Indian

Palmer.  “Friend,” for Indian M. ...1.00

Pepperell.  “Friends,” for Student Aid,
  Dudley, N.C.

Royalston.  “Friends,” for Student Aid,
  Dudley, N.C.

Salem.  Crombie St. Ch. and Soc. ...58.00

Scotland.  Mrs. Leonard, Box of C., for
  Chattanooga, Tenn.

Somerville.  Y.L.  Mission Circle of Day
  St. Ch., for Pleasant Hill, Tenn., and to
  const.  MRS. HENRY BEVANS L.M. ...30.00

South Amherst.  Cong.  Ch. ...5.32

Southbridge.  Cong.  Ch., for Student Aid,
  Fisk U.

South Framingham.  Sab.  Sch. of So. 
  Cong.  Ch., for Student Aid, Atlanta U. ...23.20

Waltham.  Trin.  Cong.  Ch. ...18.23

Warren.  “Friends” in Cong.  Ch., for
  Straight U.

Warren.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch., for Indian

West Newbury.  First Cong.  Ch. ...5.00

Westboro.  Ladies of F.M.  Ass’n, 30 for
  Woman’s Work
, 10 for Mountain Work ...40.00

Westboro.  H.L.  Bullard ...1.00
Whitinsville.  Cong Ch. and Soc. ...$949.49

Whitinsville.  “Friends,” for Indian M. ...600.00

Wilmington.  Rev. Elijah Harmon ...0.50

Winchester.  First Cong.  Ch. and Soc. ...51.38

Worcester.  Central Ch., 131.51; Plymouth
  Ch. 79.63 ...211.20



Groton.  Estate of George Farnsworth, by
Ezra Farnsworth, Ex. ...994 47

Westboro.  Estate of Mrs. Mary M. Morse,
by Jonas A. Stone, Ex. ...2,000.00

Westhampton.  Estate of Aaron Fisher,
by Jairus J. Fisher ...85.00



Limington, Me.  Ladles of Cong.  Ch., 1
Bbl., for Pleasant Hill, Tenn.

Portland, Me.  By Mrs. Chas. Frost, 1
Bbl., for Williamsburg, Ky.

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