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In drafts, checks, registered letters or post-office orders, may be sent to H.W.  Hubbard, Treasurer, 56 Reade Street, New York, or, when more convenient, to either of the Branch Offices, 21 Congregational House, Boston, Mass., or 151 Washington Street, Chicago, Ill.  A payment of thirty dollars at one time constitutes a Life Member.


“I BEQUEATH to my executor (or executors) the sum of ——­ dollars, in trust, to pay the same in ——­ days after my decease to the person who, when the same is payable, shall act as Treasurer of the ’American Missionary Association,’ of New York City, to be applied, under the direction of the Executive Committee of the Association, to its charitable uses and purposes,” The Will should be attested by three witnesses.

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Vol.  XLII. 
JANUARY, 1888. 
No. 1

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American Missionary Association.


A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  It is an inspiring delight to hear and speak the greeting.  It is a phrase that comes down to us from the ages.  All the more gladly do we repeat it on that account.  There are some things, thank God, even in this world, that never grow old.  The greetings of Christmas and New Year are among them.  This is because they are connected with Christ and his kingdom.  True happiness for mankind first came into this world when Christ was born.  In proportion as he is received into human life, happiness is experienced.  Therefore, in wishing for our readers a happy New Year, we are wishing for them more of Christ in their thought and life.

But Christ never comes into a life to be held there in confinement.  He seeks our life that it may become a channel through which he may flow to bless and make happy other lives.  He is not only our peace—­he is our righteousness as well.  How miserable we would be in our sins and shortcomings were this not so!  But all the more on that account will we desire to do what we can to make up for our deficiencies.  Loving him, we shall want to do his will.  He wills that all shall hear of the salvation his gospel brings.  We can proclaim the message.  He wills that all shall see the power of his gospel in the benevolent fruits of his followers’ lives.  We can exhibit that power.  Where we cannot go to tell the story and exhibit the power in person, we can send.  Therefore, in wishing for our readers a happy New Year, we are wishing for them a righteousness that will manifest Christ actually saving the world in what they say and do.  Happiness through service and sacrifice—­this is the happiness THE AMERICAN MISSIONARY wishes for all its readers, because it is the only happiness worth having.

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