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“Jemima,” the Woman would warn her solemnly, “there are lots of things the Females of the Species have to learn early, if they would avoid trouble in this world.  The very first of all is to let yourself be well groomed, make the most of the gay pompoms on your harness, and cultivate tact above all things.  Never make a public nuisance of yourself.  Be steadfast, but not militant; and do not snarl and snap, tear children’s clothing, nor upset the puppies’ food dish, even though you are dissatisfied with existing conditions.  But instead, never forget there are wonderful opportunities even in a dog’s life, and be ever ready and waiting to use them when they come.  Now shake hands.”

As a concession to the Woman’s fondness for Jemima, rather than to her training, “Scotty” decided to let her go with them; and to her great delight, and to Baldy’s unbarkable dismay, for Baldy had but little regard for ambitious females, she was placed in the wheel with him.

And so, with Kid in the lead, Baldy and Jemima in the wheel, Tom, Dick, Harry and the others arranged to the best advantage; with the Woman covered to the eyes in furs, and surrounded by bags, rugs, and carriage heaters, and Ben comfortably tucked away in the midst; and with “Scotty” Allan at the handle-bars, they were finally ready for the start to the Springs.

Mrs. Edwards and Moose Jones had joined the Allan girls, George, Dan and Matt at the Kennel, to wish the travelers a pleasant journey; and as he waved a last farewell to them before the team dropped over the brow of the hill, Ben observed gaily, “Well, I guess Ben Hur and all o’ them old chariot racers didn’t have nothing much on Alaska racin’ dog teams when it comes t’ style an’ speed an’ excitement.”



The Dawn of a To-morrow





Once out of the streets where there is danger of upsetting the unwary or absent-minded pedestrian, the Allan and Darling Team headed down the trail with real pleasure in the prospect of a long run.

They almost seemed to feel that this jaunt might be in the nature of a “try-out” for racing material; or at the very least it might offer something worth while in the way of adventure.

As a matter of fact it did, in the end, prove an eventful trip.  Particularly for Baldy, who gained recognition in an unexpected manner; for the Woman, whose experiences nearly quenched her ardor for exploration; and for Jemima, who learned that masculine human nature respects feminine ambition up to a certain point only, and then considers it a form of mania to be restrained.

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