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Damer: Well—­maybe——­

Simon: Here now.

Damer: I dare not.

Simon:  (Going to door.) I’ll make my bet so according to a dream I had.  It is on a red horse I will put it to-morrow.

Damer: No—­stop—­wait a minute.

Simon: I’ll win surely following my dream.

Damer: I might not lose.

Simon: I’m in dread of that.  All turns to the man is rich.

Damer: I’ll chance it!

Simon: You said no and I’ll take no.

Damer: You cannot go back of your word.

Simon: Let me go out from you tempting me.

Damer:  (Seizing him.) Heads!  I say heads!

Simon: Harps it is.  I win.

Damer: My bitter grief!  Ochone!

Simon: I’ll toss you for another.

Damer: You will not.  What’s tosses?  Look at here what is put in my way! (Holds up pack of cards.)

Simon: Where’s the stakes?

Damer: Wait a second. (Goes into room.)

Simon: Hurry on or I won’t stop.

Damer: Let you not stir out of that!
   (Comes back and throws money on table.)

Simon: Come on so.
   (Shuffles cards.)

Darner: Give me the pack. (Cuts.) I didn’t feel a card between my fingers this seven and a half-score years!

Simon: Spades are trumps.

Darner:  (Lighting candle.) I’ll win it back!  I won’t begrudge spending a penny candle, no, or two penny candles!  I’ll play you to the brink of day!



   The next morning.  The same kitchen.  Simon Niland is lying asleep
   on the hearth.  Ralph and Staffy are looking at him

Staffy: Who is it at all is in it?

Ralph: Who would it be but Simon Niland, that is come following after us.

Staffy: Stretched and sleeping all the same as if there was a pin of slumber in his hair, as in the early times of the world.  The day passing without anything doing.  That one will never win to a fortune.

Ralph: It would be as well for ourselves maybe he not to be too great with Damer.

Staffy: Will Delia make any headway I wonder.  She had good courage to go face him, and he abroad on the land, sitting stooped on the bent body of a bush.

Ralph: I wonder what way did that lad make his way into this place.  Wait now till I’ll waken and question him.

   (Shakes Simon.)

Simon:  (Drowsily.) Who is that stirring me?

Ralph: Rouse yourself up now.

Simon: Do not be rousing me, where I am striving to catch a hold of the tail of my last dream.

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