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Here She is!  She’s left her wicker chair, stretched her lovely arms and, judging from the movement of her dress, I think we’re going to take a walk.  See her behind the rosebushes?  Now, with her nails she breaks a leaf from the lemon tree; she’s crumpling it up and smelling it.  Ah ...  I belong to Her, soul and body.  With my eyes closed I can divine her presence.


Yes, I see Her.  She is quiet and gentle for the time being.  He’ll leave his paper now to follow her.  He’ll come out calling, “Where are you?” and sit on the bench, tired out.  For him, I shall rise politely, and go “do my nails” along the leg of his trousers.  Silent, happy companions, we’ll listen for the day’s departing footsteps.  The perfume of the lindens will become sickeningly sweet at the same hour that my seer’s eyes grow big and black and read mysterious Signs in the air....  Later on a calm fire will be lit down there, behind the pointed mountain—­a circle of glistening rose-color in the gray-blue of the night—­a sort of luminous cocoon from which will burst the dazzling edge of the moon.  She will sail along, cleaving the clouds....  Then, it will be time to go to rest.  He’ll carry me in on his shoulder and I’ll sleep close to his feet, which are ever mindful of my repose....  Dawn will find me shivering but rejuvenated, sitting face to the sun, in a silvery halo of incense, offered me by the dew.  Thus, I am a perfect picture of the god I was in the old, old days.


KIKI-THE-DEMURE, TOBY-DOG, SHE and HE, have taken their places in a first-class compartment.  The train rolls along towards distant mountains, and the freedom of Summer-time.  TOBY, on a leash, lifts an inquiring nose to the window.  HE has strewn the carriage with newspapers:  KIKI-THE-DEMURE, silent and invisible in a closed basket, is under his immediate protection.  SHE, leaning back against the dusty cushions, dreams of the mountain she loves best and of the low house on it, weighted down with jasmine and virginia-creeper.


How fast this carriage goes!  It can’t be our regular coachman.  I haven’t seen the horses, but they smell very bad and make black smoke.  Oh, Silent Dreamer, look at me and tell me—­shall we arrive soon?

(No response.  TOBY gets fidgety and blows through his nostrils.) SHE

Hush!  Toby, hush!


I’ve hardly said a word....  Shall we arrive soon?

(He turns towards his master, who is reading, and puts a discreet paw on the edge of his knee.)


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