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    Dictionary, cited in, iv. 4, n. 3;
    estimate of his poetry, ii. 96; iv. 60; v. 269—­70;
  knotting, on, iii. 242, n. 3;
  knowledge not great, v. 269, n. 3;
  Langton’s account of him, iv. 59;
  Life by Croft, iv. 58; v. 270, n. 4;
  Love of Fame, v. 270;
  Mead, Dr., compliments, iii. 355, n. 2;
  Night Thoughts, ii. 96; iv. 60-1; v. 270;
  ‘Nor takes her tea,’ &c., iii. 324, n. 3;
  ‘O my coevals,’ in. 307;
  preferment, pined for, iii. 251; iv. 121;
  quotations, iv. 102, n. 1;
  ‘quotidian prey,’ v. 346;
  Rambler, his copy of the, i. 215;
  ‘Small sands the mountain,’ &c., iii. 164;
  sundial, iv. 60;
  Universal Passion,
    money received for it lost in the South Sea, iv. 121;
  ‘Words all in vain pant,’ &c., iv. 25, n. 3. 
YOUNG, Mr. (Dr. Young’s son),
  Boswell and Johnson visit him, iv. 119-21;
  quarrel with his father, v. 270. 
YOUNG, Professor, of Glasgow, imitates Johnson’s style, iv. 392. 
  generous sentiments, i. 445;
  Johnson loves their acquaintance, i. 445. 
  companions of our, iv. 147;
  scenes, i. 370; ii. 461, n. 1; v. 450.
Yvery, History of the House of, iv. 198.


ZECK, George and Luke, ii. 7. 
ZECKLERS, ii. 7 n. 3. 
ZEILA, i. 88. 
ZELIDE, ii. 56, n. 2. 
ZENOBIA, ii. 127, n. 3.
Zobeide, iii. 38. 
ZOFFANI, J., iv. 421, n. 2. 
ZON, Mr., i. 274. 
ZOZIMA, i. 223.



ABANDON.  ’Sir, a man might write such stuff for ever, if he would abandon his mind to it,’ iv. 183.

ABSTRACT.  ’Why, Sir, he fancies so, because he is not accustomed to abstract,’ ii. 99.

ABSURD.  ’When people see a man absurd in what they understand, they may conclude the same of him in what they do not understand,’ ii. 466.

ABUSE.  ‘Warburton, by extending his abuse, rendered it ineffectual,’
v. 93;
  ‘They may be invited on purpose to abuse him,’ ii. 362;
  ‘You may abuse a tragedy, though you cannot write one,’ i. 409.

ACCELERATION.  ’You cannot conceive with what acceleration I advance towards death,’ iv. 411.

Accommode.  ’J’ai accommode un diner qui faisait trembler toute la France’ (recorded by Boswell), v. 310, n. 3.

ACTION.  ’Action may augment noise, but it never can enforce argument,’ ii. 211.

ADMIRATION.  ‘Very near to admiration is the wish to admire,’ iii. 411, n. 2.

AGAIN.  ‘See him again’ (Beauclerk), iv. 197.

ALIVE.  ‘Are we alive after all this satire?’ iv. 29.

ALMANAC.  ’Then, Sir, you would reduce all history to no better than an almanac’ (Boswell), ii. 366.

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