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George Haven Putnam
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 229 pages of information about Abraham Lincoln.
  last public address of, 178;
  death of, 181;
  and the proposed capture of Jefferson Davis, 188;
  death of, reported to the army at Goldsborough, 190;
  comparison of, with Washington and Jackson, 195 ff.;
  Cooper Union address of, 205 ff.;
  writes to Nott, 225 ff. 
Lincoln, Robert, on the Cooper Union address, 209
Longstreet, Gen. James, 133, 137
Lookout Mountain, battle of, 137
Louisiana, purchase of, 240
Lowell on Lincoln, 202


Maximilian, Prince, and the invasion of Mexico, 156
McClellan, Gen. George B. 102 ff.;
  and the Antietam campaign, 122 ff.;
  ordered to report to New Jersey, 126
Meade, Gen. Geo. G., 127, 131
Mifflin, Thomas, 237
Milliken’s Bend, battle of, 118
Minnesota, troops from, 165;
  university of, 167
Missionary Ridge, battle of, 137
Mississippi, organisation of the Territory of, 240
Missouri, admission of, 241
Missouri Compromise, the, 31, 38
Monocacy Creek, battle of, 143
Morgan, Gen. John, 177
Morris, Gouverneur, 245


Napoleon, Louis, and the invasion of Mexico, 156
Nashville, battle of, 151 ff.
Nation, the London, on the character of Lincoln, 198 ff. 
New Orleans, capture of, 111 ff. 
Nineteenth Army Corps and Early’s raid, 145
North Carolina, cession of territory by, 239
Northwestern Territory, the, of the U.S., 237
Nott, Chas. C.,
  introduction to the Cooper Union address, 215 ff.;
  letter of, to Lincoln, 224 ff. 
Noyes, Wm. Curtis, 212


Ordinance of 1787, 238 ff.


Pea Ridge, battle of, 108
Peace Conference of Feb., 1865, 162
Pickett, Gen. G.E., 133
Pinckney, Charles, 241 ff. 
Pope, Gen. John, 103, 122
Port Hudson, surrender of, 112
Presidential election in Libby prison, 158
Prisoners, the exchange of, 158
Putnam, George Palmer, and the Cooper Union address, 212


Reagan, Postmaster-general, at Goldsborough, 184
Reconstruction, Lincoln’s views on, 180 ff. 
Republican party, the, and slavery in the Territories, 249 ff. 
Republican Union, the Young Men’s, 223, 232
Reynolds, Gen. J.T., 127
Rosecrans, Gen. Wm. S., and the Chattanooga campaign, 136
Rutledge, John, 245


Schechter, Rabbi, on the character of Lincoln, 200
Schofield, Gen. Geo. W., 152
Schurz, Carl, on the character of Lincoln, 201
Seward, W.H., 64, 160
Sharp’s breech-loaders introduced in 1864, 146
Shaw, Col.  R.G., 116
Shenandoah, campaign in the valley of the, 149
Sheridan, Gen. Philip,
  in the Shenandoah, 149 ff.;

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