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George Haven Putnam
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Early, Jubal A., raid of on Washington, 142 ff.;
  and the battle of Winchester, 149;
  and the battle of Cedar Creek, 150
Elliott, Charles W., 213
Emancipation Proclamation, the, 115 ff. 
Enfield rifles, use of, by Confederates, 146


Farragut, Admiral D.G., 111
Few, William, 237
Fisher, Fort, capture of, 167
Fitzsimmons, Thomas, 238
Floyd, General John B., 99
Franklin, battle of, 151 ff. 
Franklin, Benjamin, 245


Georgia, cession of territory by, 239
Gettysburg, campaign of, 132 ff. 
Goldsborough, surrender of Johnston’s army at, 183
Goodell, Dr. Wm., 212
Grant, Gen. U.S., captures Fort Donelson, 99;
  and the Vicksburg campaign, 134;
  and the Chattanooga campaign, 136;
  commander of the armies, 137 ff.;
  suggested for the Presidency, 157;
  declines to consider terms of peace, 171;
  at Appomattox, 177 ff.;
  at Goldsborough, 184 ff. 
Greeley, Horace, 105
Greene, Frank V., on Lincoln, 106


Halleck, Gen. H.W., 103
Hallowell, Col.  Norwood, 116
Hamilton, Alexander, 245
Hancock, Gen. W.S., 127
Harper’s Ferry, 124;
  John Brown’s raid at, 254
Helper, H.R., the “Impending Crisis” of, 258
Hewitt, Abram S., 99 ff. 
Higginson, Col.  T.W., 116
Hood, Gen. John B., 151 ff. 
Hooker, Gen. Joseph, 107, 127, 130 ff., 137


Intervention of France and England threatened, 122


Jefferson, Thomas, on emancipation, 257
Johnston, Gen. Joseph E., 138, 151, 169, 183 ft.


King, Rufus, 241
Knoxville, siege of, 137


Lee, Gen. Robert E. and the Antietam campaign, 122;
  and the campaign of Gettysburg, 130 ff.;
  and the defence of Virginia, 137 ff.;
  proposes treaty of peace, 171;
  defeated at Five Forks, 171;
  at Appomattox, 171
Libby prison, Presidential election in, 158;
  mortality in, 159;
  record of, 189 ff. 
Lincoln, Abraham, and Hewitt, A.S., 100 ff.;
  writes to “Master Crocker”, 113;
  as commander-in-chief, 103 ff.;
  and the death penalty for soldiers, 119;
  campaign methods of McClellan, 125 ff.;
  letter of, appointing Hooker, 128;
  to Grant on the fall of Vicksburg, 134;
  address of, at Gettysburg, 134;
  letter of, to Mrs. Bixby, 152;
  re-election of, as President, 157;
  and the exchange of prisoners, 158 ff.;
  and the control of the administration, 160;
  and the Peace Conference of Feb., 1865, 162 ff.;
  second inaugural of, 169 ff.;

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