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the mothers lost their breath in the swift rush and had to be helped up the hill to the starting point.  Once Sahwah turned too short at the bottom of the street and upset the whole sledful into a deep pile of snow, from which they emerged looking like snowmen.  “Oh-h-h,” sputtered Mrs. Brewster, “the snow is all going down inside of my collar!  Sarah Ann, you wretch, you deserve to have your face washed for that!” She picked up a great lump of snow and hurled it deftly at Sahwah’s head.  It struck its mark and flew all to pieces, much of it going down the back of her neck.

“This coasting is all right,” said Mrs. Gardiner, “but, oh, that walk up hill!”

Mrs. Evans spied her machine standing in front of the Brewster house, and it gave her an idea.  “Why not tie the bob to the machine,” she said, “and go for a regular ride?” This suggestion was hailed with great joy, and carried out with alacrity.

“Would you like to drive, mother?” asked Gladys.

“No, indeed!” said her mother.  “I’m out sleigh-riding to-night.  You get in and drive it yourself!” Gladys complied, with Migwan up beside her for company, and away they flew up one street and down another and through the park.  And just as they were going around a curve, Sahwah, who sat at the front end of the sled, untied the rope, and away went the machine around the corner, and left them stranded in the snow.  Gladys felt the release of the trailer, but pretended that she knew nothing about it, and drove ahead at full speed, and traveling in a circle, came up behind the marooned voyagers and surprised them with a hearty laugh.  This time she towed them back to Sahwah’s house, where they drank hot cocoa to warm themselves up, and all declared they had never had such fun in their lives.

“And to think how near I came to missing this!” said Mrs. Evans, as she and Gladys were driving home, and she shivered when she remembered how she had almost gone to the musicale.



Mrs. Evans confided her plans for a Christmas week party to Gladys the day following the snow frolic, and Gladys was delighted with the idea.  She dearly loved to entertain her friends.  The frock was ordered from New York and Mrs. Evans and Gladys spent long hours working out the details of the affair.  Rumors of the party and the dress Gladys was to have leaked out to the Winnebagos and from them to the whole class.  Every one was on tiptoe to find out who would be invited.  Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Jones, hearing the talk about the coming function, began to wonder if they were on the right track after all in regard to the Evans fortune.  Two weeks before Christmas the invitations came out.  Twenty-five girls and twenty-five boys, mostly from the high school class, were asked.  What a flutter of satisfaction there was among those who had been invited, and what a disappointment among those who had not been, and what consultations about dresses among the favored ones!

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