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Lost:  Handbag containing book of lecture notes and ticket for Saturday afternoon’s performance of “The Bluebird.”  Finder may keep theater ticket if he or she will return notebook to Miss Moore, Room 10.

Migwan read the notice and passed on, as did the other pupils.  That morning in English class Nyoda sent Migwan to an unused lecture room to get an English book she had left there.  When Migwan opened the door she stumbled over something on the floor.  It was a lady’s handbag.  She opened it and found Miss Moore’s notebook and the theater ticket inside.  Miss Moore was overjoyed at the return of the notebook and insisted on her keeping the ticket, which Migwan at first declined to accept.  “My dear child,” said Miss Moore, “if you knew what trouble I had collecting those notes you would think, too, that it was worth the price of a theater ticket to get them back!” And when Migwan’s back was turned she winked solemnly at Nyoda.  By a curious coincidence that seat was directly behind those occupied by the other Winnebagos!



The night of the last Camp Fire Meeting Gladys and Nyoda might have been seen in close consultation.  “The first pleasant Saturday,” said Nyoda.

“Remember, it’s my treat,” said Gladys.

The first week in November was as balmy as May, with every promise of fine weather on Saturday.  Accordingly, Nyoda gathered all the Winnebagos around her desk on Thursday and made an announcement.  Sahwah forgot that she was in a class room and started to raise a joyful whoop, but Nyoda stifled it in time by putting her hand over her mouth.  “I can’t help it!” cried Sahwah; “we’re going on a trip up the river!  I’m going to paddle the Keewaydin once more!”

The plan suggested by Gladys and just announced by Nyoda was this:  The following Saturday they would charter a launch big enough to hold them all, and follow the course of the Cuyahoga River upstream to the dam at the falls, where they would land and cook their dinner over an open fire.  They would tow the Keewaydin, Sahwah’s birchbark canoe, behind the launch, and some time during the day would manage to let every one go for a paddle.  The Winnebagos thrilled with pleasurable anticipation, all but Hinpoha, who crept sadly away, for she could not bear to hear about the fun that was being planned when she could not have a part in it.

One desire of her heart was being fulfilled, and she was getting thin.  What a whole summer of rigid dieting had not been able to accomplish was brought to pass by a few weeks of mental suffering, and her clothes were beginning to hang on her.  Her appetite began to fail her, and her aunt, noticing this, bought her a big bottle of tonic, which, taken before meals, killed any small desire for food she may have had.  Then Aunt Phoebe decided that the two-mile walk to school was too much for her, and had her taken and

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