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  Corelli, Arcangelo
  Costumes, Stage
  Courthorpe’s “Addison”
  Covent Garden Theatre
  Craggs, Mr. Secretary
  Crawley, the showman
  Critics, Addison on dramatic
  Crown, John
  Cuzzoni, Francesca

  Davenant, Alexander
  Davies, T.
  Defoe, Daniel
  Delany, Mrs.
  Dennis, John,
    “Essay on the Operas”
  Diction of the eighteenth century
  “Distressed Mother, The,” Philips’
  Dod, Benjamin
  Dogget, Thomas
  Doran, Dr.
  Dorset, Earl of
  Dorset, Garden Theatre
  Downes, the prompter
  Drama and the Restoration
  Dramatic critics (Addison)
  Dramatic writings, old and new
  Drury Lane Theatre
  Drury Lane,
    revolt of Betterton
    another exodus
  Drury Lane, Company
  “Duke of York’s Company”
  D’Urfey’s “Western Lass”

  “Echoes of the Playhouse”
  Elrington, Thomas
  Epilogues, Comic (The Spectator)
  Estcourt, Dick
  Eugene, Prince
  Evans, John

  “Fair Quaker of Deal,” Shadwell’s
  Farquhar, Capt.  George
  Faustina, Bordoni Hasse
  Fielding, Henry
  Fitzgerald, Percy
  Fontaine, Monsieur de la
  Foote, Samuel
  “Funeral, or Grief a la Mode, The,” Steele’s
  Funeral customs, old time

  Gambling women
  Garrick, David
  Garth, Dr.
  Genest, P.
  George I., King
  Gildon, Charles,
  Gossin, Jeane Catherine
  Gregory, Mr.
  Griffith, Thomas
  Gwyne, Nell

  Habits of society
  Halifax, Lord
  Haymarket Theatre,
    restricted to operas
  “Hearts, The King of,” Maynwaring’s
  Hendon, Heywoodhill
  Henley, Mr.
  Hertford, Countess of
  Hill, Aaron
  Horton, Mrs.
  Howard, Bronson
  Hoyt, Mr.
  Hughes, Mr.
  Hulet, Charles

  “Inconstant, The,” Farquhar’s
  Ingolsby, General
  Italian opera

  “Jane Shore,” Rowe’s
  Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster
  Johnson, Dr. Samuel
  Johnstone, Drury Lane machinist
  Jones, Henry Arthur
  Jonson, Benjamin

  Keen, Theophilus
  Killigrew, Charles
  “King’s Company, The”
  Kit-Cat Club
  Knight, Mrs.
  Knipp, Mrs.

  Lambro, Miss
  Lecouvreur, French actress
  Leigh, Francis
  Lincoln’s Inn Field Theatre of 1695,
  “Lives of the Poets,” Cibber’s
  Lorrain, Rev. Paul
  Lowe, R.W.

  Macclesfield, Anne, 1st Countess of
  “Make-up,” Art of
  Marlborough, see Churchill
  Master of the Revels, office of
  Maynwaring, Arthur,
  Maynwaring, Mr. (Oldfield’s son)
  “Milk White Flag, A,” Mr. Hoyt’s
  Mills, John
  Misson’s, Henre, “Memoirs”
  Mist, Nathaniel
  Mist’s Weekly Journal
  Mitford, M.R. 
  Mitre Tavern
  Montagu, Captain
  Morley’s “Notes on The Spectator
  Mountford, Will
  Mountford, Mrs., see Verbruggen
  Mountford, Susan

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