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[Footnote A:  Jeanne, Catherine Gossin, of the Comedie Francaise.]

This publick decency in their theatre I have myself seen carried so far that a gentleman in their second Loge, or middle-gallery, being observed to sit forward himself while a lady sate behind him, a loud number of voices called out to him from the pit, “Place a la Dame!  Place a la Dame!” When the person so offending, either not apprehending the meaning of the clamour, or possibly being some John Trott who feared no man alive, the noise was continued for several minutes; nor were the actors, though ready on the stage, suffered to begin the play till this unbred person was laughed out of his seat, and had placed the lady before him.

Whether this politeness observed at plays may be owing to their clime, their complexion, or their government, is of no great consequence; but if it is to be acquired, methinks it is a pity our accomplished countrymen, who every year import so much of this nation’s gawdy garniture, should not, in this long course of our commerce with them, have brought over a little of their theatrical good-breeding too.


  Abington, Mrs.
  Actors and audience, Colley Cibber on
  Addison, Joseph
    his “Cato”
  Anne, Queen
  Anne’s reign, Life in Queen
  Ashbury, Joseph
  Ashton’s “Reign of Queen Anne”
  Aston, Tony
  Attorneys of Queen Anne’s day

  Baggs, Zachary
  Baker of Dublin
  Barry, Spranger,
    Mrs. Spranger
  Barry, Mrs. Elizabeth
  Bartholomew Fair
  Bath life
  “Beaux’ Stratagem,” Farquhar’s
  Bellchambers, Edmund
  Bertie, Miss Dye
  Betterton, Thomas
  Blackmore, Dr. (Sir Richard)
  Bolingbroke, Lord
  Booth, Barton
    Mrs. Barton
      see also Santlow
  Boswell, James
  Bowman, an actor
  Bracegirdle, Anne
  Bradshaw, Mrs.
  Brett, Colonel
    Miss Anne
  Broschi, Carlo (Farinelli)
  Budgell, Eustace
  Bullock, an actor
  Burney, Dr. 
  “Busiris,” Young’s

  Cadogan, Charles Sloane, 1st Earl
  Campbell, Thomas
  “Careless Husband,” Cibber’s
  Cat, Christopher
  “Cato,” Addison’s
  Centlivre, Mrs.
    her “Perplexed Lovers”
  Centlivre, Mr.
  Charles II., King
  Chener, Mons.
  Chetwood, W.R. 
  “Christian Hero, The,” Steele’s
  Church and stage
  Church music and the theatre
  Churchill, General (Marlborough’s nephew)
  Churchill, Colonel (Oldfield’s son)
  Churchill, Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough
  Churchill, Mary, Countess of Cadogan
  Cibber, Caius Gabriel
  Cibber, Colley
  “Cibber, Apology for the Life of”
  Cibber, Theophilus
  Clive, Mrs.
  Coffee-houses of Addison’s day
  Collier, William
  Colman’s “Random Records”

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