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Henry Jones Ford
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 138 pages of information about Washington and his colleagues; a chronicle of the rise and fall of federalism.

Trenton, proposal to place capital at,

Truxtun, Thomas, Captain,

United States, The, ship

Virginia Resolutions

Wadsworth, Jeremiah, of Connecticut

War Department, Opposition to

Washington, George, reluctant to reassume public responsibilities,
  installed as President (1789), personal characteristics; his
  magnificence, his levees; first message to Congress; first cabinet,
  message to Senate (1789), differences with the Senate, tours,
  church-going habits, receives news of St. Clair’s defeat, concern about
  Genet affair, opinion as to validity of French treaty, dependence upon
  Hamilton, address of Dec. 3, 1793, reelected President, party spirit
  against, Farewell Address (1796), death (1799), bibliography,

Washington, Martha, arrival in New York, her entertainments

Wayne, Anthony, General

West Indies, trade with

Whiskey insurrection,

White, Alexander, of Virginia

Willett, Marinus, Colonel

Wolcott, Oliver, of Connecticut

“X.Y.Z.” dispatches

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